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Why Is Safari Slow on Mac? Gone are the days when you could make yourself a sandwich while a web page was loading. The Internet is lightning fast now, so when things get slow as you browse the web it feels... unnatural. But oftentimes it’s not the Internet speed or the Wi-Fi connection that’s testing your… Read more... How to Stop the Spinning Wheel on Mac The rainbow-colored circle is a painful sight to see for Mac users. If you’re lucky it disappears in a few seconds, but more often it remains for minutes, leaving you helplessly locked out of the app or your whole Mac. Since it’s not always clear how to deal with with… Read more... How to Troubleshoot Common Safari Problems on Mac If you own a high performance car that can only drive in the slow lane, you might as well have bought a bicycle. The same rings true if your Mac and high speed internet connection is hobbled by poor performance from Safari. Your experience on the information superhighway is dependent… Read more... How to Fix Firefox Problems on Mac Firefox continues to impress reviewers and experts, who point out the browsers' efficiency, attention to detail, and impressive privacy options. That said, Firefox, just like every other browser, can experience a range of issues, from slow browsing all the way to regular crashes and everything in between. Today we want… Read more... How to Fix Google Chrome Problems on Mac Google Chrome is the king of web browsers but if you’re here it’s probably because the king has gone a bit insane. Is Chrome crashing, freezing, or not even loading? Are web pages not loading anymore? Is your browser experience getting slower every day? If you’re experiencing any of those… Read more... macOS Sierra vs OS X El Capitan: Everything You Need To Know In case you’re on the fence about upgrading to macOS Sierra from El Capitan, you’ve come to the right place. We’re dissecting the new macOS in detail, looking closely at how it compares to the previous and if the end justifies the means (of waiting for an hour-long upgrade). Before… Read more... macOS Sierra Issues and Fixes Sierra is finally here and everyone’s rushing to install it. While for most it’s a usual pleasurable experience, for some this update had downsides. Here we’ll go over macOS Sierra known issues (the unknown are yet to be discovered, I’m afraid) and try to find the right fix for each.… Read more... How to sync iPhone with Mac Syncing iPhone to Mac was a regular activity just a few years ago. With faster mobile speeds, more space, great streaming apps like Spotify and Listen, and more people syncing their data with iCloud, the need to physically sync isn’t as great as it used to be. Particularly once Apple… Read more... How Can you View and Clear Siri History on Mac OS? Siri becomes an essence of our interaction with Apple devices. It moved from phones to Macs and now we’re getting used to sci-fi talk with our computers. Finally, Jarvis is here to make us all feel Tony Starks on a daily basis. But when we get a little too intimate… Read more... Reinstall, Downgrade or Completely Uninstall iTunes on macOS How to reset iTunes on macOS Sierra Sometimes to go forward you need to go back. iTunes is one of the most popular apps in the world, and Apple has made some great strides over the years. There is no denying that iTunes is the media hub for many, but… Read more...

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