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macOS High Sierra: The New Features That Matter The WWDC 2017 keynote is just in and we’re about to receive some juicy novelties and features. What to expect? A lot of fine tuning in terms of web browsing, graphics and file management and a bunch of other goodies. Everything you must know about the macOS High Sierra Apple… Read more... Will my Mac Run macOS High Sierra? The new operating system for Mac has been announced at the WWDC 2017 and the hype is real. With a lot of tweaks and refinements, the new macOS High Sierra promises a user experience deemed for the future of technology, bringing Apple one step closer to VR, AR and gaming… Read more... How to Clean Install the macOS High Sierra? Upgrading to the latest Mac operating system announced at the WWDC this June can be everything you envisioned and more. If you take the time to upgrade it properly, that is. How? By performing a clean install of the macOS High Sierra. Don’t worry, a clean install is as easy… Read more... What Is Intelligent Tracking Prevention In Safari 11 Browser Apple just rolled out an update for Safari and quite soon it will hit all of our Macs, iPhones, and iPads. It’s called the intelligent tracking prevention or ITP for short. If you search for the details on the web, you’ll come across tech-related articles on its machine learning and… Read more... How To Repair Disk With Mac Disk Utility If you you experience these issues on Mac, your probably need disk recovery: multiple apps quitting unexpectedlycorrupted files and access errorsexternal devices work improperlyyour computer won’t start up How to make sure your disk is damaged If you can still turn your Mac on, verify startup disk with a maintenance… Read more... Why Is Safari Slow on Mac? Gone are the days when you could make yourself a sandwich while a web page was loading. The Internet is lightning fast now, so when things get slow as you browse the web it feels... unnatural. But oftentimes it’s not the Internet speed or the Wi-Fi connection that’s testing your… Read more... How to Speed Up Slow macOS Sierra Everyone seems to love Sierra, but if your experience is like dragging your Mac through a swamp then it’s time to do something about it. Let’s fix slow macOS Sierra In this guide we’re going to highlight the most common problems that cause a slow Sierra and the solutions to… Read more... How to Clear Document Version History and Autosave Cache Mac storage space is important to us. And it should be important to you too. The performance of our Macs is tied to our available storage space. A Mac with a full hard disk is going to be very slow and make it harder for apps and the OS to… Read more... How to Stop the Spinning Wheel on Mac The rainbow-colored circle is a painful sight to see for Mac users. If you’re lucky it disappears in a few seconds, but more often it remains for minutes, leaving you helplessly locked out of the app or your whole Mac. Since it’s not always clear how to deal with with… Read more... How to Troubleshoot Common Safari Problems on Mac If you own a high performance car that can only drive in the slow lane, you might as well have bought a bicycle. The same rings true if your Mac and high speed internet connection is hobbled by poor performance from Safari. Your experience on the information superhighway is dependent… Read more...

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