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Top 5 tools for Windows PC in 2018 No matter if you are a new or an experienced Windows user, you may come up with the question what tools you should have on your PC. The number of apps and tools available for Windows is huge. How do you know which of those to choose? Which are the… Read more... All your questions about the new iOS 12, answered It’s September, and that means your iPhone is about to get a shiny new OS. Whether you always install new updates the minute they roll out, or put them off as long as you can, you’ve probably got questions. Like, what’s the release date for the newest iOS version? Will… Read more... Run a Windows Virtual Machine on your Mac If you want to run Windows on your Mac there are two ways to do it. One is to partition your main drive using the built-in Bootcamp Assistant and then install Windows on the partition that doesn’t house macOS. You can then boot into whichever operating system you choose. While… Read more... Here’s how to get the most from iCloud Apple’s iCloud is a hugely useful tool and one that’s integral to the way that macOS and iOS work, especially if you want to sync data or share files between devices on the two platforms. Here, we’ll look at what iCloud is, what it does, and how to use it.… Read more... Need a VPN for Mac? Here are the best, both free and paid-for VPNs or virtual private networks have become hugely popular in the last few years, thanks in part to the way that they allow you to mask your locations. This allows you to view streaming video services that are only available in your home country while you’re traveling, or watch services… Read more... What FileVault for Mac is and how it can protect your data FileVault is one of those Mac features that you know is there but are never really sure what it’s there for. Apple has never really made a big song and dance about how the feature protects your data or why you should bother with it, so we’re going to do… Read more... Find out what is taking up space on your Mac In this age of terabyte flash drives and cloud storage, it’s easy to forget that storage space is finite. But it is, and as software gets more sophisticated and must-have apps become more plentiful, you can eat through a 1TB SSD in no time at all. Sure, in theory, if… Read more... Declutter your Mac desktop: Get more productive Let’s get back to how things used to be when your Mac was all shiny and new. Follow these tips to clean up and organize your desktop. How to organize desktop items on Mac The first step is to add some kind of structure to your desktop. You can do… Read more... Best antivirus software for macOS According to a report by Malwarebytes, Mac malware grew by 270% in 2017 and is set to grow even further this year. This took some people by surprise because macOS has always been seen as a safe operating system. Because Macs are more popular than ever, they’ve become a more… Read more... How to perform a maintenance of your MacBook Running a Mac is, on the whole, a hassle-free experience. Very rarely things go wrong in day-to-day use and many users run their systems for years without so much as a hiccup. However, Macs are complex computers, which means they’re not immune to issues that affect performance like bugs, erratic… Read more...

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