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Welcome to MacPaw press page. We made sure you have all the info to compose a whole book about us if you feel like it.

You’ll find the main facts and visuals in our In case you still desire more details, our dedicated PR people and will be happy to provide them. Peruse, download, and make yourself at home.

MacPaw Highlights

Founded in 2008

MacPaw is a bootstrapped company started in 2008 by a 21yo student, Oleksandr Kosovan.

Headline app CleanMyMac

MacPaw’s first and most popular app. Boasts more than 5 million of users, cleans terabytes of junk daily.

30, 000, 000 users worldwide

MacPaw‘s active user base exceeds 30 mln worldwide. Every 5th Mac on Earth has at least 1 app by MacPaw.

Merged Devmate with Paddle

In 2017 an ecommerce platform Paddle merged with MacPaw’s DevMate, a software kit for developers.

Aсquired the Unarchiver app

In 2017, MacPaw purchased the Unarchiver application and it’s now a part of our portfolio.

Setapp subscription launch

In 2017, we launched Setapp, the first subscription service with hundreds of quality Mac apps in one suite.

Red Dot and Golden Kitty Winners

We recently won Red Dot Design Award and Golden Kitty by Product Hunt for Consumer Product of the Year among other awards.

Vintage Apple Tech Museum

MacPaw has an in-house fully operational museum. We own 70 historical Macbooks and number of relics like first iPhones and Apple design books.

MacPaw Product Media Kits

Every kit includes a complete set of graphics and textual product-related info.

MacPaw Company Brand Kit

For company related pieces, refer to our brand kit with logos and pictures of the team.

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PR Muse
Media Manager, PR Daily Award Winner, Startup Mentor and Speaker. Julia believes that in the era of technology human relations matter the most.
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PR Specialist
PR Specialist, aspiring PR Daily Award Winner, sweet tooth and sweetie pie. Eugene loves meditating and visualizing peaceful and friendly relationships with everyone in the world.
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Creative and strategically minded PR specialist, a strong communicator and a visionary. Aliona loves the challenge of getting a brand’s message out to the world in a way that captivates people.
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PR Specialist
PR Specialist with diligence on her right hand and empathy on her left, with a huge willingness to learn. When she is not pitching, Nastia also tries to find time to water her pot flowers and cook some dishes of Italian cuisine.
Oleksandra Chervynska
PR Specialist
Sasha is a PR specialist by vocation and by choice. She has a solid theoretical background and lots of energy to put it into practice.