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At MacPaw, we believe that humans and technology are most effective when they work together

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    Make impact. Create experience. Stay human.

    Our values are at the heart of everything, and we are guided by them when making decisions. In MacPaw we believe that humans and technology are most effective when they work together. However, technology might need a little help to make us great. That's why MacPaw is committed to helping machines help you. MacPaw is on a quest to make the two-find connection. To befriend people with technology. 

  • Purpose

    We befriend people with technology

    In a perfect world, machines and humans understand each other — much like we understand our friends (and at least part of our family). 

    We trust that technology has our best interests at heart. Technology understands what we need. There are no misconceptions, no prejudice, and no rivalry. People and technology are friends. We exist in harmony so that we can both thrive.

  • Vision

    A world where technology empowers human life

    As a software company, we want to improve the quality of life and increase productivity. It's clear that technology is our best hope for a brighter future. However, only if technology is used to benefit people rather than exploit them. Technology may be utilized to improve communities, bring families together, and empower individuals to make a difference. Humanity is the hero, but technology may help us achieve anything we want.

  • Mission

    We help machines help you

    Our core business is to create tools that were originally designed to help humans. By helping machines be their best possible selves, we indirectly help humans reach their full potential. The machine was created to assist humans. We were created to help machines help humans.


Gaël Monfils and MacPaw Join Forces to Deliver Human-Centric Software

Tennis sensation Gaël Monfils and MacPaw are thrilled to announce a strategic partnership aimed to bring user-friendly apps to a worldwide audience.

About The Partnership

Tennis pro Elina Svitolina teams up with MacPaw

Renowned tennis player Elina Svitolina and software company MacPaw announce a landmark sponsorship agreement. The two are connected by their home country Ukraine, and their unwavering dedication to make impact for humanity.

About The Partnership

Innovation in Isolation. The story of Ukrainian IT from the 1940s to the Present.

Read the book to discover what impact the Ukrainian school of cybernetics had on the vibrant modern IT industry of Ukraine and the world.

About Project
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