Upgrade to Gemini 2

  • Now finds similar files
  • Works with Photos for OS X
  • Has a smarter selection algorithm
  • Removes files more safely
  • Has stellar new design

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Similar pics in Photos

Why let retakes hog space in Photos? Now, Gemini finds similar pics and shows you the differences, so you could decide which files to delete.

Similar tunes in iTunes

No point keeping one copy of a song in MP3 and another in M4A. Gemini 2 scans your iTunes and spots files that differ by format, bit rate, or length.

Spot and shred similars

A smarter selection algorithm

Gemini got smarter. It knows when to autoselect files for removal, and when to leave the choice to you. Even better: it can remember your choice. Say, if you always get rid of JPEG copies, let Gemini know and it will start selecting JPEGs.

Safer cleaning

Cleaning out duplicates got safer: if you trashed the wrong copy by accident, Gemini 2 lets you restore it. Plus, you can decide what to do with the duplicates: move them to the Trash, delete them forever, or just stash them in a separate folder.

Gemini duplicate file finder - screen shot
Gemini 2
Gemini 2.
The intelligent duplicate file finder.
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