Make use of your summer
Application deadline: May 6th
Master a new skill in a booming Ukrainian IT company. You’ll learn from experienced mentors, apply your knowledge to real-life tasks, and study the industry from the inside.
  • Work 30 hours a week in our Kyiv office
  • Get a scholarship for the whole 3 months
  • Deal with real products and tasks
  • Build your own product as a final test
You can specialize in
Cocoa Development
Do you have basic knowledge of Xсode plus Swift or Objective-C programming languages? Understand OOP principles, data structures and algorithms? Want to become macOS or iOS pro software engineer? Love Apple products and fluffy cats? We are waiting for you. And remember: the most important is how you think, not what you know. So don’t be afraid to try!
Serhii Butenko
Software Developer
Volodymyr Dudchak
Software Developer
Quality Assurance
Apply if you know the basics of software testing and your English is OK (Intermediate level). Do you understand the basics of OS administration and know a thing or two about Unix systems? Drop everything and come join our team!
Roman Tyshchenko
Software Testing Engineer
Anatoly Kasyanov
Software Testing Engineer
You’ll be our perfect intern if you have basic knowledge of Linux OS and are familiar with containerization basics. Additionally, you need to understand the principles of http client-server communication. And that’s all you need.
Ludmila Derkach
DevOps Engineer
Sergey Marieha
DevOps Engineer
Anton Koshevoy
DevOps Engineer
Dmytro Pashchenko
DevOps Engineer
Customer Care
We are looking for dedicated mindful students who are interested in IT and want to make an impact on the world. Is your written English good? Are you a solution-oriented human communication virtuoso? We will teach you how to manage relationships with customers, anticipate their needs and solve their problems.
Volodymyr Voronin
Customer Support Specialist
Anna Sukhomlinova
Customer Support Specialist
Product Discovery
Our R&D team is looking for an entrepreneurial minded person that has both logical and creative thinking. Someone who is open to exploring all ideas and willing to do whatever is needed to execute the best one. Do you know how to Google info, ask questions on social platforms, analyze data and communicate in good English? Then help us discover the next unicorn product!
Guy Hood
Product Discovery Lead
We are looking for a candidate who has spent some time in Photoshop, Sketch or Illustrator. Welcome on board if you think in visuals, concepts and love playing with pages and text layout, colors, grids and everything else that goes with it.
Maxim Kukurudziak
Product Designer
Andrey Reshetnik
Product Designer
Email Marketing
Hi there! We’re waiting for a communicative person who is interested in marketing, has analytical and research skills and loves reading. Fluent English is a must. Basic typography and HTML knowledge will be a plus. Apply now to learn and develop in the email marketing field!
Olga Medikari
Email Marketing Specialist
We are inviting students of 4th-5th years of study. Your main assets are: Upper-Intermediate English, confident Excel skills, and your attentiveness to details. Get ready to be manipulating large volumes of data — soon you’ll become the Lord of the Clicks!
Olena Ivaschenko
PPC Specialist
Vsevolod Zhovtenko
PPC Specialist
Marina Lisnyakovskaya
PPC Specialist
Data Analytics
Are you interested in and have knowledge about business analytics, analysis, data visualization, programming and machine learning? Have you ever done an interesting analytical research of your own? Made cool visualization or participated in ML competition that you can tell us about? Apply and you’ll see how data drives business on practice.
Sergey Bryl'
Data Scientist
Tetiana Tatus
Data Analyst
Internship schedule
Application time
On-site interviews
Final presentation
Apply if
You improve things you don’t like, not complain about them. You find changes exciting, not scary. And your English level is at least intermediate.
Application deadline: May 6th
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Who is MacPaw?
One of the most successful IT companies in Ukraine. No bragging. We’re a young geeky team that builds apps for millions of users everywhere.
Our primary focus is on Mac software, our headline product is CleanMyMac, and our Facebook page will tell you all you want to know about day-to-day at MacPaw.