Make use of your summer

What you’ll do:
Work 30 hours/week in our office
You’ll be surrounded by smart tech and 2 cats inside of a futuristic state-of-the-art office. You can even work beside a fireplace.
Be a part of MacPaw for 3 months
Yes, we even pay you for it. The best partnership should be a win-win for everybody. Make a summer job your best-ever job.
Deal with real products and tasks
This is real life, forget about theory. You’ll plunge into the software world to solve real problems. Your ideas can make a difference.
Build your own product as a final test
You’ll bring home more than just a line for your CV. Start your own project during a 2-week hackathon to apply everything you’ve learned.
You can specialize in:
  • macOS/iOS Development
    Do you have basic knowledge of Xсode, Swift or Objective-C programming languages?
    Tried to write at least one app for iOS/macOS? Understand OOP principles, data structures and algorithms? Want to become macOS or iOS pro software engineer? Love Apple products and fluffy cats? We are waiting for you. And remember: the most important is how you think, not what you know. So don't be afraid to apply!
    Roman Tikhonychev
    Software Developer
    Bogdan Mihiliev
    Software Developer
    Yevhenii Peteliev
    Software Developer
  • Quality Assurance
    Apply if you know the basics of software testing and your English is OK (Intermediate level).
    Do you understand the basics of OS administration and know a thing or two about Unix systems? Heard of scripting and algorithms? Drop everything and come join our team!
    Volodymyr Borodavchuk
    Software Testing Engineer
    Anatoly Kasyanov
    Software Testing Engineer
    Roman Tyshchenko
    Software Testing Engineer
  • Product Management
    Product lifecycle, UX, product/market fit, analytics, metrics, roadmaps, and more.
    Lean development, User research, Prioritization, Elicitation, Roadmaps, Leadership, Funnel marketing, A/b testing, Project management, Risks management, Agile software development — if you’re familiar with at least 50% of these words — join our team.
    Alex Tatarchuk
    Product Manager
    Yaroslav Stepanenko
    Product Marketing Manager
  • Agile
    Like people? A good starting point. Study psychology or HR? Even better.
    Agile & Scrum is about designing work processes. How to boost a team’s motivation? How to better visualize goals, organize teamwork, and make it flawless? We’ll teach you what it takes to be a good team coach. And if you’ve managed projects before, be prepared to unlearn what you know. It will be tough but fun.
    Kate Uglitskikh
    Scrum Master
    Oksana Nevdakha
    Scrum Master
  • Customer Care
    Customer Care is the opposite of “customer support.”
    Yeah, it’s like the difference between an art and a job. Come be part of our team if you are genuinely interested in helping people. Our requirements are: proficiency in at least one foreign language at the upper-intermediate level (English, French, German, or even Japanese!) and good communication skills. By the end of the internship, you’ll become a 90 LVL communication virtuoso.
    Tatiana Kobzariova
    Customer Care Specialist
    Kateryna-Oleksandra Kharytonova
    Customer Care Specialist
    Volodymyr Voronin
    Customer Care Specialist
  • PPC
    Beware, you’re entering the mysterious world of paid advertising.
    In other words, pay-per-click. Our perfect intern has 1+ years of work experience (agency, freelance, ecommerce). You need to be familiar with GDN, Facebook, Snapchat, Bing, Instagram advertising. There will be lots of data and long Excel files — brave souls, we are waiting for you. The last two requirements: intermediate English and scrupulous attention to detail.
    Olena Ivaschenko
    PPC Specialist
    Marina Lisnyakovskaya
    PPC Specialist
    Vsevolod Zhovtenko
    PPC Specialist
  • Design
    Design internship at MacPaw is your first-class ticket to Product Design.
    You’ll see what it really is and learn the hard-core truth about it. You’ll deep dive into landing pages, user cabinets, registration forms, banners, marketing, idea generation, print design, and all the similar stuff. Apply now and your portfolio will blossom.
    Andrew Reshetnik
    Product Designer
    Oleksandr Pronskyi
    Product Designer
    Oleksandr Danevich
    Product Designer
    Maxim Kukurudziak
    Product Designer
  • Apply Now
    Application deadline: May 5th
    Apply if:
    You improve things you don’t like, not complain about them. You find changes exciting, not scary. And your English level is at least intermediate.
    Time left to apply:
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    Internship Schedule
    08.04 — 05.05
    Application time
    06.05 — 31.05
    On-site interviews
    10.06 — 18.08
    19.08 — 30.08
    Final presentation
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    Application deadline: May 5th