CleanMyMac X for Academia

A partnership for Mac educators
A Mac is an unmatched tool for education, that’s why it should stay sharp. CleanMyMac X helps you maintain your public computers for maximum productivity and faster work.
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A clean learning environment

CleanMyMac X eliminates all sorts of digital junk: outdated files, old downloads, malware and unused applications. No messy desktops and ad pop-ups, every important file protected.

Spend more time learning, less time waiting

4X faster boot time

Your Mac takes less time to load

2.5X speedier apps

All apps get more responsive

*Testing conducted using CleanMyMac X on MacBook Pro (15-inch, 2016) with 512 GB of storage.

Prolong the life of your computers

CleanMyMac X makes even older Macs run their best. Reduce the cost of regular replacement and stay productive for many years forward.

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Get Maintenance + Antivirus in one app

Mac admins choose CleanMyMac X as the first software to install on a new Mac. It packs a triple punch: disk cleanup, speedup, and anti-malware protection. Let one app do all the fixing.

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Contact us directly for details how to set up and customize CleanMyMac X through Jamf.

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