How do CleanMyMac 3’s Health Alerts help me?
CleanMyMac 3 will show you diagnosis alerts to help you understand when your Mac is nearing, or in, poor condition. When something is up with your Mac, CleanMyMac 3 will let you know immediately and assist you with the fix.
Heavy Memory Use Alert
When your Mac system begins to use more memory than the RAM capacity, an alert pops up. It lets you know that temporary memory is being used by the hard drive and that your Mac is performing slowly.
High Disk Temperature
If your Mac is overworked, the disk drive may start operating at temperatures higher than normal. High temperatures over an extended period of time can permanently damage your Mac, but with CleanMyMac 3, you’ll immediately know if your disk drive temperature has exceeded the normal threshold.
SSD Life is Low or Failing
In flash storage, when data is written to the drive, an entire block must be erased and rewritten. These are called program-erase cycles, and the life of your Mac’s SSD is measured in these cycles. The more of them your Mac completes, the older your SSD gets. CleanMyMac 3 alerts you when the life of your SSD is low, or near failure.
Critical Battery Life
As your Mac gets older, its battery begins to lose its ability to power your Mac. CleanMyMac 3 lets you know when your battery life is nearing this critical status.
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