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1. Find the file in Downloads
Double click the installation
2. Drag to Applications & Launch
Click Open on the dialogue box
3. Start scan
Enjoy a cleaner, faster Mac
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How to Get Started with CleanMyMac 3
Smart Cleanup is the first cleaning mode you’ll encounter when you launch the application. It’s by far the easiest way to get more space and speed on your Mac. All you have to do is launch CleanMyMac, click Scan, and then Clean. Cleaning up your Mac doesn’t get any easier.
What else can CleanMyMac 3 do?
CleanMyMac 3 has cleanup tools, optimization utilities, and health notifications. It lets you clean up your entire Mac system, scan for old forgotten files, remove apps and their leftover pieces, perform maintenance scripts, monitor your Mac’s health, and so much more. To unlock all its cleaning potential, you can pick up the full version in the MacPaw Store.
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