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These tech journalists and users have tried Encrypto and their verdict is right here. Read their unbiased in-depth reviews. As you can see, MacWorld, iMore, and other editions seem to give Encrypto a strong yes.

Mac industry experts talk about Encrypto

Encrypto offers fast, cross-platform encryption to help protect sensitive files before they’re sent or uploaded through the internet. It’s unobtrusive, easy to use, and best of all, absolutely free.
J.R. Bookwalter
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The app allows you to share using Mail, Messages, AirDrop, and more. Encrypto is also available for Windows, so you don't need a Mac to share items.
Joseph Keller
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This tool lives up to its promise... The best thing about Encrypto though, is that it is really easy to use and it looks exactly the same on Mac and Windows.
If you plan to send encrypted files to other Mac and Windows PC users, and you’re on a budget, then you can use the free Encrypto app to do much the same thing, but faster, easier, and with similarly secure encryption– drag and drop.
Jeffrey Mincey
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CleanMyMac X vs other Mac cleaners

Daisy Disk
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CleanMyMac X is not MacKeeper. Period. At the same time, one can find some similarities between the two. For example, both apps offer disk cleanup and software uninstalling. See the detailed feature comparison we’ve prepared for you.
MacBooster is the new kid on the Mac cleaning block. It has a few distinct differences with CleanMyMac X and one of them is duplicates deletion. Click to see the full list of features and choose the Mac cleaner tool you can trust.
How does CleanMyMac X stand versus AppCleaner? To answer that, we’ve made a quick feature comparison for you. Find out what types of apps each cleaner deletes and what are the extra benefits you should look for.
Design-wise, CleanMyMac X is clearly in a different league than Dr.Cleaner. Still, both apps provide quick aid when your Mac is unwell. Learn the similarities and differences between these two famous Mac cleaning applications.
CCleaner works equally well on Mac and on Windows, while CleanMyMac X is exclusively for Mac. Both names are often mentioned as best ever cleaning applications. Now you can see their differences and quickly pick your winner.
Using Onyx you can customize the look of your macOS to your liking. It’s also a cleaning tool, just like CleanMyMac X. We’ve put together an overview of what each app does with screenshots and tricky details you need to know.
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Our users speak volumes about us

Now I can save all my important information, like taxes, doctor reciepts, and other important paperwork, and not worry about someone in the family trying to figure out my password on the computer. I love this application
Amazing little app. Encrypts text documents and other files with ease and quickness. Also decrypts files easily too... 10/10 would highly recommend!


Start protecting your files

Give Encrypto your own fair test. Lock your sensitive data against outsiders with a 256-bit AES encryption. Whatever issue is at stake, you can never be too prepared. Now, encrypt your first file.

System Requirements:

Windows XP and higher, 5 MB



Latest Version:

1.0.1, 24 May 2018

*4.5 - rating for all versions, based on 271 user reviews.
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