CleanMyMac 3

Mac cleaner software. Made simple to make cleaning simple.

Why use CleanMyMac 3?

Cleaning your Mac is tough work. Even the smallest files contribute to slowing your Mac down. So which files can you actually delete? Where are they? How do you completely get rid of them? CleanMyMac 3 is the best mac cleaner because it knows what files, where they are, and how to remove them.

With CleanMyMac 3 you simply click and clean. Safely and efficiently. It’s a smart Mac cleaner that just works. Our Mac cleaner app makes cleaning easier than ever! Do a full scan right now to clear out all that extra junk!

Loving what CleanMyMac and Gemini do for my overcrowded Mac as much as I'm loving watching them do it! Found me many gigs already!
Jann Alexander
Austin, TX USA
CleanMyMac 2 is the best way to keep my iMac and MacBook Pro clean :-) Love it and all the apps from MacPaw.
Myriam De Carolis
France, Carling
Been using CleanMyMac for a few years now. It's always been one of my most important utilities that keeps me from filling up my HD. Thanks MacPaw!
Daniel Rosenstein
Falls Church, USA
I just love CleanMyMac. Have cleaned in total 101 GB from my MBPr now… Thats 22% of the total available space! Amazing. Thanks.
Nicolai Dalsgaard
Quick, easy and cheap, CleanMyMac 2 is the best possible avenue for keeping your machine fast and efficient.
Samel Сhazen
Knoxville, USA
CleanMyMac is the best $40 I've ever spent... SO easy to use, and now my Mac runs like the day i bought it.
Jonathan Meleika
Riverside, CA
Cleaning up my Mac from old files, applications, photos and more. My machine is running like new! LOVE CleanMyMac 2!
Colorado, USA
I just downloaded the trial of your CleanMyMac 2 software, and after running it for 2 minutes I bought it without a doubt. It is just probably one of the most beautiful and effective apps I've ever seen. My congratulations to your team.
Marco Gajardo
Santiago, Chile
I just used your CleanMyMac over the weekend, and it found over 150 GB of old lightroom backups, all the junk from over a year ago. Excellent product! Thank you!
Jeffrey Dowell
Vancouver, Washington
I use CleanMyMac because it’s a brilliant tool for cleaning my new MacBook Retina :)
Dominik Fahrin
Beckum, Germany
CleanMyMac is one of the best things I've purchased for my Macs. It keeps them working like a dream.
Finlay Hogg
London, UK
If anyone has a mac that is really slow, try CleanMyMac. Genuinely helped me speed up my MacBook Pro sooo much.
Harry Fremantle
Fulham, London
Used CleanMyMac and Hider today, not only are they great programs, they are well designed and easy to use. These guys are good, @macpaw.
Collin Bigart
New York, USA

Everything Clean

When you do a full scan with CleanMyMac 3, you’ll never have to worry about missing a spot. CleanMyMac 3 cleans up every single part of your Mac! All of it!

What will you do with all that space?

A powerful cleaner makes a powerful Mac. CleanMyMac 3 frees up gigabytes of space you didn’t even know you had! The result? Less spinning rainbow wheels. More Mac speed.

Easily Manage Apps and Extensions

No more hunting down folders, programs, apps, and extensions. CleanMyMac 3 tells you what does what and when you used them last. Keep what you need. Remove what you don’t. Easy.

Trust Us, You’ll Know How...

Don't waste time figuring out how to clean your Mac. This gorgeous Mac cleaner is so well designed that you won’t need to think about where to click or what to do. Cleaning your Mac has never been so simple.

Kept Clean

CleanMyMac 3 can automatically schedule regular cleanings. You’ll never have to think about when your Mac needs a touch up. CleanMyMac 3 does it for you.

Try it Free

Mac cleaner software doesn’t usually let you try it out to see how it works. But CleanMyMac 3 let’s you test it out without charging you a cent! Why wait? Feel the difference right now for free!

Clean your Mac and feel the difference!Try out our Mac cleaner FREE!
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The best duplicate finder for Mac. Just got better.

What is Gemini?

Gemini helps you find and remove duplicate files on your hard drive. It’s the easy way to free up space on your Mac. Scan drives or folders by dragging and dropping them on Gemini. What could be easier? Why wait? Remove those copies and get a faster Mac right now!

Just drag and drop one or multiple folders to find duplicates
Find duplicates extremely fast with unique comparing algorithm
Find not only duplicated files, but even identical folders
Use smart Auto Select wizard
Duplicate Folders Mac Cleaner Duplicate Files Mac Cleaner Auto Select Mac Cleaner Mac Cleaner OS X

Clean Quick with a Few Clicks

It works so quickly that you won’t even remember using it.

Keep the Important, Trash the Rest

Never worry about accidentally removing important files. Gemini knows which files to remove and which ones to keep.

Simple Design Saves Time

Gemini’s drag and drop interface makes it easy for you to save time and energy.

Free to Try

See what Gemini can do for your Mac, right now! You won’t believe the amount of hard drive space you save! Try it free!

Why wait? Try Gemini Free! Remove duplicates and clean up your Mac right now!
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CleanMyDrive 2
Get more space on your external drive. Free!

Why CleanMyDrive 2?

You got an external drive because you needed more memory. Even if it’s brand new, it’s still loaded with unnecessary files. With CleanMyDrive 2 you can remove these unnecessary files from your external drive to add space and speed. It cleans while keeping your system safe and your files intact. Just scan and remove. It’s an easy, free way to help speed up your drive. CleanMyDrive 2 is the solution to getting a speedier, more spacious external drive. It’s simple, powerful, and FREE! Try it now!

Clean up any drive from junk manually
See how much space on your drives is wasted on junk
Eject a single drive or all drives at once
Mac Cleaning Drive on Mac Free Mac Cleaner Best Mac Cleaner

Saves You Time

Your time is important. Save it by cleaning your drive quickly with a few clicks.

No Thinking, Just Cleaning

You'll never need to check space is on your external drive again. The space monitor makes it easy to see when your drive needs a cleaning.

Doesn’t Remove the Important Stuff

CleanMyDrive 2 keeps important files safe. It knows what to remove and what to leave untouched.

To: You, From: MacPaw... Free!

CleanMyDrive 2 is free! No strings attached! Download it now to get more space on your external drive, right now!

Clean up your external drive now. FREE!
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BUT, there’s no better app for cleaning your Mac than...

CleanMyMac 3: The Complete Mac Cleanup It’s Mac Clean Up. Made Simple.

CleanMyMac 3 frees up disk space on your Mac by performing a detailed system cleanup that optimizes your iPhoto Library and organizes old files, applications, and extensions on your hard drive. Everything you need to clean your Mac and nothing more in one powerful, easy-to-use Mac cleaner.

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Best Mac Cleaner

System Requirements:

For OS X 10.8+, 40 Mb space

Latest version: 3.0


All versions rating: 4.5

[based on 314 user reviews] *