For 15 years, at MacPaw we envision a world where technology empowers human life. By supporting professional communities, we aim to contribute to the growth of collective expertise, effective networking, and dynamic technology development.


Support for open-source projects. We not only benefit from the technologies but make our contribution.

MacPaw continuously supports several promising and useful open-source projects to help engineering community development.


Mac Administration

At MacPaw, we envision a world where technology empowers human life. Since 2008, we have been crafting maintenance and security solutions to ensure every Mac user has a productive and safe online experience. The passion of Mac Admins community for empowering users aligns with MacPaw. That is why MacPaw supports MacAdmins communities in the US and Ukraine, and organizes meetups for networking the knowledge sharing. We aim to help protect Mac users from cyber threats and transform their online experience into an effortless and exciting journey.


macOS Cybersecurity Community Support

CleanMyMac X actively supports macOS cybersecurity community through the Objective-See Foundation, a non-profit organization that focuses on the creation of free, open-source macOS security tools. Objective-See also organizes Objective by the Sea — the world’s only macOS security conference where macOS security researchers and professionals share their knowledge and experience in the field.

About This Project

Fixel Font by MacPaw is a new basic, variable and accessible typeface, created in cooperation with talented Ukrainian typographers from AlfaBravo design studio and foundry.

With Fixel Font, designers can create effective and timeless visual content for any environment. The font includes extended Latin and Cyrillic alphabets, covering over 40 languages. To support design communities, MacPaw made Fixel completely free for any use. 

Fixel Font preserves the history of the unique Ukrainian graphic culture. Among Fixel’s alternate symbols is the «tryzub,» the seal-trident of Volodymyr the Great and part of the Ukrainian coat of arms. Fixel’s «tryzub» was developed by the outstanding Ukrainian painter and graphic artist Nil Khasevych in 1949.

The font was inspired by the personality and looks of one of MacPaw’s pets — Fixel, the cat.

About This Project

We share our expertise


Innovation in Isolation. The story of Ukrainian IT from the 1940s to the Present.

Read the book to discover what impact the Ukrainian school of cybernetics had on the vibrant modern IT industry of Ukraine and the world.

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MacPaw and Freelancers Union partnership

The Freelancers Union membership offers education opportunities, advocacy, access to tools, and other benefits to independent workers in the US – free of charge. As part of the collaboration, MacPaw will share expertise and resources to strengthen the Freelancers Union community, mainly focusing on software solutions and security best practices.

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MacPaw Space

Creative and innovative space in Kyiv

MacPaw Space is a creative and innovative space in Kyiv created by MacPaw, where ideas are shared, content is created, and changes are initiated. It is an exhibition full of inspiring Apple legacy, a creative Lab for shaping and developing ideas, the main stage at the amphitheater and Small Talk Cafe under one roof. MacPaw Space hosts professional and charity events, watch parties, meetups, lectures, hackathons, workshops, and more.

About MacPaw Space