MacPaw joins forces with Freelancers Union to empower independent workers across the US

MacPaw is proud to become a partner of the Freelancers Union, one of the largest and fast-growing organizations representing independent workers in the US.

The Freelancers Union, founded in 1995 by Sara Horowitz and based in New York City, provides invaluable education, advocacy, tools, and support to independent workers across the United States, free of charge. The Union builds novel solutions to support freelancers so they can be secure and thrive, no matter how they work. The organization gives its 500,000+ members a voice through policy advocacy, benefits, and community.

The Freelancers Union was one of the first organizations of its kind dedicated to standing for the rights and welfare of independent workers that emerged in response to the challenges faced by freelancers in the US. Over the years, the Union has championed the rights and interests of these workers, fighting for fair labor practices, access to affordable healthcare, and financial security.

«By supporting the Freelancers Union, we embark on a journey to empower independent workers. During my visit to the Freelancer Hub in New York, I was impressed and inspired by the organization's values and approach. When finding myself in the heart of the Union, I had a feeling that the spirit of the Union resonates with our approach — nothing at MacPaw is someone else’s problem, — says Olga Kurylenko, Head of Brand & Communications at MacPaw. — The Hub also reminded me of MacPaw Space, an innovative space in Kyiv’s downtown for like-minded people to gather, bring their ideas, support each other, and drive valuable changes to the world. This was the start of our journey with the Freelancers Union. Our team is proud to empower the Union members with the technological knowledge and skills they require to maintain productivity and online security while dedicating themselves to their work. Through this partnership, we want to help machines help freelancers.»

At MacPaw, we believe that technologies empower human lives. We’re excited to contribute our expertise and resources, with a primary focus on software solutions and security best practices. MacPaw will collaborate with the Freelancers Union to offer training and resources to help organization members develop unobvious yet very helpful digital skills for effective work.

One of the first workshops has already taken place and is now available for watching: Make the Most of Your Apple Technology with Josiah Forgath. This guide from Josiah Forgath will help Apple users go through the tech checklist of things to improve and learn some pro-Apple skills along the way. We’re grateful to Josiah for his expert contribution and desire to simplify the digital experience for users to let them focus on their work.

Visual workshop capture by Carla Sam, the Freelancers Union member

As a part of this partnership, Union members receive 30 days of free unlimited access to CleanMyMac X and Setapp. MacPaw also supports the Freelancers Union by sponsoring a portion of the Knowledge Bar at the Freelancers Hub in Brooklyn and virtual Freelance Fundamentals Q+A to upgrade their Apple experience as freelancers. If you’re a member of the Freelancers Union, get your perk here.