Finding the best software updater for your Mac

If you’re a Mac user, chances are you’re a pro at hitting “remind me tomorrow” on those OS update alerts. But as annoying as they are, regular software updates for your operating system, as well as your installed apps, are critical for keeping your Mac performing well. Like an alarm clock, if you snooze your app reminders too many times, you might end up regretting it. 

Keeping your Mac updated is easier said than done sometimes. But with the functional software updater app, you can bring some ease to your life. This article reveals the list of best software updaters for Mac that will help you keep your system up-to-date. But first, here is a chart of our top picks.

1CleanMyMac X
Apple-notarized updater, user-friendly designLink
2Mac UpdaterLots of filters to track Mac updatesLink
3AppFreshOffers direct download links to softwareLink

Why are software updates important?

Even if your Mac isn’t giving you alerts, some of your apps could be falling behind. If you use any apps that don’t come from the App Store, your computer might not have a way of alerting you that they’re out of date. This does more than affect how well your Mac runs. Software updates sometimes address serious issues like glitches and security vulnerabilities. Left unchecked, these issues can have serious consequences.

An app updater is a great solution to these challenges. An app updater is a utility that helps you keep on top of changes in the apps you use. It does this by:

  1. Identifying the apps you have installed and their version history.
  2. Using developer databases and other resources to find the latest updates.
  3. Prompting you to download and install the necessary updates.
  4. Responding to your update preferences.

Remember that the most useful app updaters aren’t limited to apps made by a single company or developer. Many Mac users have at least one third-party app, and it’s important not to let these fall behind.

Check out these tools if you’re looking to protect your Mac by keeping your software up to date.

Choosing the best Software Updater for Mac

But which is the best updater to use? Some are limited to a particular developer, while others give you more or less control over your custom settings. To help you navigate the crowded field, we reviewed the leading software updaters for Mac:

1. CleanMyMac X: the winning Mac updater

CleanMyMac X takes the prize for Mac software updaters. The app has a range of modules useful for everything from cleaning your desktop to protecting you from malware. Its Updater module is a powerful and flexible tool for keeping your system updated, whether you use Mac or third-party software. CleanMyMac X brings all available updates in one place, providing all the information you need to know about the new versions of the apps. This means you can find updates for your OS operating system, Google Chrome, and Pages all in one convenient place. It also highlights recent arrivals so you can see what’s new at a glance.

Did you know?

CleanMyMac X is notarized by Apple, so it will work seamlessly with your macOS.

The Updater module lets you pick and choose what to update. In addition to choosing what apps to update, it lets you select from a list of recent versions. That way, if you’ve heard a new patch is buggy or doesn’t play well with your OS, you can opt out of the update. The app lets you control what, when, and how much to update.

The module also offers an “update all” function for convenience and peace of mind. You can update your OS and apps in just a few clicks. CleanMyMac X takes the winning spot for combining great automation with fine-tuned control for those who need it.

Download the free version of CleanMyMac X here.

2. Mac Updater: a great Mac app updater

Mac Updater is a quiet but effective updater. It sits in the background, monitoring for updates to any of the apps you have installed. It uses a one-click update button to automate downloading and installing new versions, preserving your workflow. 

Did you know?

Mac Updater uses filtering tools that help you focus on updating what’s important.

Privacy-conscious users will appreciate the app’s low barriers to use. It requires no memberships or registration and collects no personal data. All you need to do is download and install, and you’re ready to check your apps for updates.

Mac Updater satisfies many of our criteria for a great updater. It supports updates from third-party sources and alerts you when new updates are available. It also automates the update process. Still, it’s a great option for keeping your software up to date.

3. MacUpdate Desktop: a strong Mac software updater

MacUpdate Desktop combines a comprehensive software updater with personalized, helpful recommendations. This not only helps you stay on top of the apps you already have installed but also suggests new apps you might like based on what you already use.

Like many of its competitors, MacUpdate Desktop also searches for updates from a variety of developers and sources, allowing you to monitor and maintain your entire collection.

These curated recommendations and a built-in app store help set MacUpdate Desktop apart from the crowd.

4. AppFresh: a powerful app updater for Mac

AppFresh is another handy update manager. Useful for updating apps from the Apple store and other sources, it stands out from the competition by providing direct download links for each update.

It also sorts your applications, widgets, and other software into intuitive categories, making it easy to find the update you need. 


AppFresh lets you sort applications into “I use this” and “I don’t use this,” so you won’t see updates for apps you don’t use.

5. AppStore Software Update: the original Mac updater

Software Update is the basic, functional utility you might recognize from your Mac’s upper-right corner.

With its customizable alerts and automation features, there’s a lot to like about this standard-issue app updater, which can also keep your operating system up-to-date. 

Updating your software timely, you can ensure flawless performance of the apps and the whole macOS. There are many software updater apps for Mac that would get your apps and programs updated all at once. You can start by trying the app we love - CleanMyMac X. Make sure to give other apps a try, too, to find the best software updater that suits all your needs. 

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