Here's how to forget a Wi-Fi network on your Mac

Besides clearing up a long list of Wi-Fi networks, removing networks from your Mac settings can improve your Mac performance. Everything your Mac stores that aren't needed can gradually make a Mac operate slower, reducing an otherwise good experience that most people have when using a Mac. 

So doing some tidying up, such as making a Mac forget a Wi-Fi network, is a small but useful contribution towards a Mac running smoother and faster again. Here are a couple of ways to quickly and easily forget a Wi-Fi network on a Mac. 

How to delete a Wi-Fi network on Mac? 

Firstly, you need to go to System Preferences. 

Either go through the Apple symbol in the top toolbar, or you can get to System Preferences through Spotlight Search, Siri, or using Finder. 

  1. Go to System Preferences
  2. Now click on Network > Advanced 
  3. This will show you a list of every Wi-Fi your Mac currently remembers
  4. For every Wi-Fi network you want to remove, use the “-” icon to forget and remove the settings (which means if you ever encounter that network again, you will need to enter the password to gain access)
  5. If you want to delete several at the same time, hold down the command key while clicking on the “-” icon.

Something else you can do while in the Network Settings is to adjust the settings for any given network. For example, you can set it so that you automatically join any of the networks on the list once in the connection range of that network. You can also tick a box - before going through to the Advanced Settings - to automatically ask your Mac to join new networks when it isn’t in range of any of the networks it remembers.

As you can see, forgetting a Wi-Fi network is pretty quick and easy. However, for those who want to do more to improve the performance of their Mac, there are apps that can help you with this and a whole lot more. 

Forget a Wi-Fi network on Mac with CleanMyMac

  1. To start with, download CleanMyMac X (you can do that free, here)
  2. Click on Privacy
  3. One of the many things it will scan for is the Wi-Fi networks saved on your Mac
  4. Now you can use this to delete any you don't want (it can also remove cookies, cache, and web browser history) your Mac to retain.

And there we go, you will only have the Wi-Fi networks you want to remember and might use again stored in your Mac. 

CleanMyMac X, as the name suggests, can do a whole load more than adjust and delete Wi-Fi settings. People all around the world are using it to improve the performance of their Mac. You can do more with this app than you can easily or safely do within macOS settings. It is invaluable for getting under the hood, tidying a Mac up, clearing out junk and settings that aren't needed anymore, and making a Mac perform as good as new.

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