CleanMyMac X is celebrating Global Accessibility Awareness Day

Today we’re celebrating Global Accessibility Awareness Day (GAAD). Its aim is to get everyone talking, thinking, and learning about digital access and users with disabilities. With over a billion people living with some type of disability — and more than half of them using smartphones and computers — making programs accessible is a major priority in application development.

In honor of the day, we’ve prepared the latest news on CleanMyMac X accessibility. Our team is dedicated to making the application useful to everyone. We’ve already made numerous improvements so visually impaired people can use CleanMyMac X easily, and plan to introduce more changes in the coming weeks and months. Let’s go into detail.

Leveraging the power of voice

We’ve made CleanMyMac X more consistent and reliable with VoiceOver. It’s a built-in screen reading tool macOS comes with. Once on, the user can experience the application interface without having to see the screen. People who are blind or have low vision do depend on VoiceOver when navigating their devices and using applications. And we’re proud that CleanMyMac X is striving to be perfect for users with different abilities.

Increasing contrast

For people with color vision deficiency, it may be sufficient to increase the contrast. This is done with a setting of the operating system. However, not all websites and programs support it properly. CleanMyMac X, on the contrary, works fine with the High contrast mode settings. When it is enabled in System Preferences, we change the graphic elements for the most part of the application interface and remove some animations.

At CleanMyMac X, we’ll continue looking to better understand how visually impaired people use the application so we can build the product everyone can enjoy to the fullest. We’re excited about the work we still have ahead of us.

Your CleanMyMac X Team ❤️