Introducing MacPaw Apple Museum

Time to break the big news! We’re counting months to opening the doors of MacPaw’s very own Apple Museum. 323 exhibits, fascinating stories about Apple’s behind the scenes, and one big mission to befriend humans and technology. Here’s how we’ve got here.

It all started with a love story

Passionate, stirring, reverent love for Macs. The very moment I got my first Apple keyboard, a strong bond was made. That’s how I created CleanMyMac — an app that is all about making Macs cleaner, faster, and stronger. And I think it’s a love confession in itself. But it didn’t end there. As our team in Kyiv grew and created more high-quality software for Mac, it felt very inspiring to be surrounded by our objects of love — the Macs.

The first collection of Macs arrived in the MacPaw office from Tekserve, once a repair shop, later an influential Apple dealer located in New York. Over the years, Tekserve collected around 40 Macs from all generations.

When the time came and the collection was put up for auction, we made a quick decision to buy it all to keep Apple history alive at MacPaw. That’s how a 128k Macintosh signed by Steven Wozniak ended up in our Kyiv office, along with other gems from the Tekserve shop. As the years passed, MacPaw made more apps such as Setapp, Gemini, and acquired The Unarchiver; and Apple made more Macs. And not only Macs! We acquired more of those, including some unique models from a collector in Poland.

Today, we’re excited to announce that our collection grew in size and is soon moving to its new home — the Apple Museum in MacPaw Space.

Why a museum

We’ve long wanted to have a space infused with tech innovation, growth, and knowledge sharing. For us, the inspiration is Apple. For you, it could be something else. Our mission is to inspire you for all the incredible things to come.

“When we acquired our first Mac collection, we couldn't make it accessible to the public, while the requests for the office exhibition tours were increasing all the time. We were working hard to make this idea come true and now we are ready to announce that the museum will be open publicly soon.”

A few teasers

So what will you find inside? We’re planning to launch the museum with 323 exhibits, including Apple’s iconic products, such as the first portable Macintosh (that isn’t really portable because it weighs 15.75 pounds), our beloved 128k model signed by Wozniak, Apple’s first digital cameras QuickTake, the Twentieth Anniversary Mac (TAM) that used to be delivered to customers by limo, and more.