The truth about Russian attack on Ukraine

We are MacPaw - a company that was founded and continued to work in Ukraine. For us, Ukraine is our home, which we do not leave despite the danger. We believed in the best outcome but prepared ourselves for the worst. We have prepared assistance programs and launched a contingency plan to ensure not only the safety of our team but also the uninterrupted support and development of our products.

All these years we have diligently improved our products for our users. We appreciate your trust and always strive to meet your expectations.

Based on this, we hope that you, trusting us, want to know the truth. The truth about what is happening now in our home - Ukraine, with us - the developers of CleanMyMac and other technological products that you use.

Why is this important to us?

CleanMyMac is a product that makes life easier for your Mac and we will continue to make it better and more useful for each. But behind it, there are real living and breathing people. We have our loved ones, children, elderly parents. And all of them live in Ukraine. In a country that was attacked by Russian troops on Tuesday, February 24 at five in the morning on the orders of the current President of the Russian Federation, Vladimir Putin.

Why are we talking openly about it?

Because we have reason to think that some of you may be misinformed. However, we are not trying to change your mind. We want to share with you the facts that the whole world is recording. But for some reason, the Russian government is hiding from you.

We have selected for you a list of verified sources that objectively cover what is happening in Ukraine. Follow the links and draw your own conclusions.

    Sources in English 

    To the media who tirelessly provide truthful coverage of the war in Ukraine

    We are deeply grateful to each and every one of you. In this crucial time for democracy and freedom, we are humbled by your dedication to work so hard, often in bad conditions and dangerous situations. 

    We want your devices to work as flawlessly as you do and be protected from malware. That’s why we are providing a free year of subscription to CleanMyMac for your devices. 

    We invite all media currently covering the war in Ukraine to please contact [email protected] with your name, a number of licenses you need, and the name of your media outlet to get a promo code for your free year of CleanMyMac X.