The New First: MacPaw Opens Office in Boston

On September 28, MacPaw opened a new office in Boston. With this expansion, the team seeks to get closer to users, the tech community, and global partners. Our primary team remains in Kyiv as we continue to develop our Ukrainian hub actively.

MacPaw's objectives in Boston

As part of our 2023 strategic goals to "Go Global," we're expanding into new markets to reach a wider audience passionate about Apple technology.

We want to be even closer to our clients and potential partners by establishing an office in Boston. The USA is a key market for us, with about 40% of our product users living in the United States. A physical presence in the country will help forge new connections with the technological and business communities, marking an evolutionary step in the company's development.

MacPaw chose Boston because of the city's tech ecosystem, rich history, and innovative spirit, all of which align perfectly with the company's culture.
We will continue actively developing our Kyiv office since it houses most of the team. The Boston location will be MacPaw's hub abroad. Due to the full-scale russian invasion of Ukraine, 30% of the MacPaw team was forced to relocate to various countries. We ensure every specialist has the tools and environment for efficient work, regardless of where they are. These circumstances accelerated the need for an office in Boston.

The opening of MacPaw's Boston office

The official opening of the MacPaw office in Boston took place on September 28.
We invited representatives of the Boston IT ecosystem and media. The venue showcased photo posters and stories about places close to the team’s heart. Guests had a chance to learn more about MacPaw, Kyiv, and Ukraine, solving a giant crossword in English and Ukrainian written in the free Fixel Font by MacPaw.

A highlight of the opening was a tech exhibit of Apple vintage devices. The Boston office displayed ten exhibits, also presented in Kyiv, including the Macintosh 128k, iBook G3, Newton eMate 300, and others.

MacPaw's Kyiv collection consists of 323 working Apple devices. In 2022, we had plans to open a permanent exhibition at MacPaw Space, but the full-scale invasion changed the plans.

Ukraine is at the heart of the company's culture. As a small gesture of connection, we named all our meeting rooms in the Boston office after Ukrainian cities. During the event, guests learned about the conditions under which Ukrainians live and continue to work during the war. Our specialists shared the secrets of providing uninterrupted, high-quality user services despite bombardments and blackouts.

We also spoke about our preparations for the full-scale invasion, such as giving emergency backpacks to the team. We displayed one of such backpacks and their contents at the event, giving our guests a chance to gain insight into the challenges of the first months of the full-scale invasion.

Visitors had the opportunity to support Ukraine in its fight by donating to the MacPaw Foundation charity.