MacPaw creates nine-hour video that shows how tedious it is to manually clean your device

KYIV, UKRAINE, May 28, 2024 — The average American’s computer is littered with hundreds of useless apps, emails and duplicate documents - and it’s making computers slow, according to a new nationwide poll commissioned by software company MacPaw.

The survey showed that US adults have an average of 708 unread emails and 298 apps or documents they don’t need - meaning that 41% of computer owners have a machine that doesn’t run quickly.*

The research also revealed that those using Macs have a sense of superiority regarding their device:

  • 91% said their Mac is better than rival computers, and 75% believe their Macs are impervious to viruses and don’t need to be cleaned as often, unlike other kinds of computer
  • 57% believe it would take less than an hour to do a manual clean of the device to get it in tip-top condition. In fact, by the time you’ve been using your computer for a year, this could take multiple days.

These results, alongside online comments from Mac owners, spurred MacPaw, the developer behind CleanMyMac X, to create one of the year’s most innovative adverts.

Called ‘The Deepest Clean’, it’s an eight-hour, 57-minute and 15 second-long showing just how tedious it is to clean a Mac on your own.

While the multi-feature length clip - just 20 minutes shy of watching the entire Lord of the Rings trilogy back-to-back - could in theory put the brand out of business by showing people just how to clean their Macs, in reality it’s the tech equivalent of ‘watching paint dry’ - that demonstrates the value of a one button solution to do your Mac cleaning for you. Those that do watch the clip, however, will be rewarded with codes to get up to 30% off CleanMyMac X.

Elsewhere in the survey, a massive 86% of Americans admitted that tech and the automation that modern life has brought have made our lives easier: if we had to do everything ourselves - from shopping in-person to calling to tell them things rather than whatsapping them - we’d need an additional 683 minutes (more than 11 hours) every day.

Oleksii Myronenko, Product Manager at CleanMyMac X by MacPaw, commented: “Most people in the US use a computer that’s more than a year old, meaning it’s accumulated tons of system junk, duplicate files and vast swathes of useless documents and old tickets you don’t need anymore. All of this makes your device run more slowly, but we found that many Mac users believe their computers don’t need cleaning.

“We created this video not because we want to send people to sleep, but to show just how laborious it is to clean your own device without any help.”

CleanMyMac X safely scans every inch of a Mac’s system and removes gigabytes of junk, large hidden files, old archives, unused apps and malware.

To download CleanMyMac X, or start a free trial, visit

Research Methodology:

*The research was conducted by 3Gem on behalf of MacPaw, the developer of CleanMyMac X. 1,000 respondents in the US completed the survey.

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