WWDC 2023: What’s in it for users

What tech enthusiasts and the global tech community wait for more than Christmas?

For “Tech Christmas” — Apple’s Worldwide Developers Conference held at Apple Park, Cupertino, California. And just like on Christmas day, there are Santa (team Cook 🧠 or team Federighi 🎸?), gifts (cutting-edge hardware and software), and the element of surprise (announcement of the revolutionary Apple Vision Pro Headset.)

Ready to unwrap WWDC gifts with our CleanMyMac team?

If your inner Apple fan shouted, “Heck, YES!” buckle up, and let’s go! We’ll start with our personal favorite, the Mac.

macOS Sonoma

Image Credits: Apple

Named after California’s vineyard country, the new macOS Sonoma, just like the great wine, was designed for good vibes only. What makes new macOS so sweet? Handy features and updates take your Mac experience to a new level of awesomeness.

Interactive Desktop Widgets

“They used to live in the Mac’s Notification Center so that nobody would use them. But now users can pin favorite widgets on their desktops, so I think it might become a new hype.“ Serhii Butenko, Staff Software Engineer at CleanMyMac.

Expended FaceTime video-conferencing

“New macOS will take remote work even further with AR functionality for full-screen reactions available in Zoom, Teams, and WebEx. And the new overlay feature that allows presenters to appear on top or alongside their presentations sounds awesome. I cannot wait to try it!” Roman Tikhonychev, Software Engineer at CleanMyMac.

Enhanced Safari experience

Safari update this year is getting enhanced private browsing functionality and Web apps. Also, the brand-new user profiles will allow seamless switching between work and personal tabs or accounts. Public beta is expected to be available in the coming weeks.

Fantastic Gaming functionality

“I was stoked with the prospects of gaming on macOS. Taking advantage of Apple’s powerful graphics processing units and Apple’s Metal 3 framework, I think it's only a matter of time before it becomes a full-fledged gaming platform.

The freshly-baked Game Mode that directs all CPU and GPU resources to ensure the game runs as smoothly as possible is super cool. This mode also helps minimize delays when transmitting audio over Bluetooth, improving the gaming experience with wireless headphones such as AirPods.” Yevhenii Peteliev, Senior Software Engineer at CleanMyMac.

Talking about Mac hardware…

Phenomenal 15-inch M2 MacBook Air

Meet the world’s thinnest laptop—11.5 mm and just 3.3 pounds! Groundbreaking 15-inch MacBook Air packed with a six-speaker sound system, the latest M2 chip, two USB-C Thunderbolt 4 ports, a MagSafe port for charging, and a headphone jack. It can hold a battery for up to 18 hours, has significantly faster performance, and is capable of 500 nits of brightness.

Alright, time to move on to the one and only — iPhone!

iOS 17

image Credits: Apple

Contact Posters & new sticker feature

You can now create personalized Contact Posters displayed when calling a contact. The customization functionality is similar to the lock and home screens released last year. The sky is the limit to how creative you can get with these.

And if you’re a Memoji fan, you’ll love turning your personal Memojis and Live Photos into stickers. Enjoy!

Live Voicemail

I don’t know about you, but this feature will undoubtedly be a go-to for introverts and those who hate phone calls. From now on, users can decide whether to ignore or take a call with Live Voicemail transcribing a caller’s message in real-time. On top of that, if the person you’re trying to reach is unavailable at the moment, you can leave a FaceTime voicemail.


Sharing your contact info with others has never been easier. Meet NameDrop! No more typing names and phone numbers! Just bring your iPhones close together and exchange contacts in seconds. And the best part is it works for Photos too.

AirDrop also got a major update: users can continue using AirDrop over the internet when they’re out of range.


“I'm glad that Messages continues to improve, competing with giants like WhatsApp and Telegram. Finally, Apple added a new catch-up arrow, swipe reply on any bubble, and in-line location. It’ll make communication between iPhone users more enjoyable for sure.” Oleksandr Hryshchenko, Senior Software Engineer at CleanMyMac.

Check-In feature

While on the road, users can allow family and friends to track their route, phones’ battery level, and how much service they have. This safety feature will automatically notify everyone that you arrived at a location or alert them if something goes wrong.

Keyboard & dictation

“From all iOS announcements, I find the use of the Large language model in autocorrect the coolest one. It’s a perfect example of a great implementation of machine learning and language models without using smart assistants.” Rostislav Bogdanov, Product Manager at CleanMyMac.

Journal app

“The potential of this new journaling app is huge. It takes the functionality of memories from the native gallery to new heights. Plus, developers will get an API to integrate their applications. In general, it is pleasing that Apple has taken mental health seriously in the last few releases.” Illia Kniaziev, Software Engineer at CleanMyMac.


In iOS 17, you can personalize your iPhone’s full-screen for your nightstand. It can be a clock or anything else you want to see at a glance.

And last but not least, after nearly 20 years of working on spacial computing, Apple has finally introduced its first VR headset — Apple Vision Pro!

Apple Vision Pro

Image Credits: Apple

Apple Vision Pro was the highlight of WWDC this year. This mix of AR and VR in a headset was called revolutionary. Operating on the newest Vision OS with the 3D interface, this first-ever piece of tech has the potential to start a new era in how users interact with technologies — “looking through, not at their device.

“The interactions using eye movements, hand gestures, and speech look like magic. Such user experience can also help people with disabilities to interact more easily in virtual spaces. And collaboration with Walt Disney and Unity will undoubtedly lead to new exciting content, most likely focusing on 3D for Vision Pro.”Oleksandr Pronsky, Design Manager at CleanMyMac.

Will the experience of using Apple Vision Pro be so powerful that users will be willing to replace their current reality with a new one?

Will see!

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