Avast Cleanup Premium: Features that matter

Avast Cleanup Premium is a well-known name in the Mac cleanup segment. In fact, it is one of the biggest names a lot of Mac users have heard about. It has a bunch of features for a complete junk cleanup, but is it worth the money? Keep reading to find out.

Free trial version availableDoes not have malware protection and removal tools
Can remove external drives junkHas no tools for cleaning up mail junk (such as mail attachments)
Has a duplicate finderNo CPU and memory monitor

Avast Cleanup Premium: A quick intro

Let me give you a brief Avast review. Avast Cleanup Premium combines an app uninstaller, disk, and browser cleaner in one app. It also helps declutter your photo library. You can download the Avast Cleanup Premium only from the official website.

Avast Cleanup Premium: Functionality

Next up, I'll talk about what this app has to offer in terms of functionality. I'll review its main modules and tools. 

Did you know?

Avast offers other solutions for your Mac. One example is Avast Antivirus. It can detect numerous types of threats. However, there is another well-known alternative, and it can replace both Avast Antivirus and Avast Cleanup Premium — CleanMyMac X

Cleanup features

Avast Cleanup Premium has a clutter scanner that detects and removes junk files, such as app cache, log files, trash, and downloads. App also has a browser cleanup option that removes browsing data and history in all your browsers.

Duplicates finder

This feature looks for duplicates among your documents, pictures, and media files. You can scan your whole drive or add individual folders to the scan. Though it will only find files that are 100% the same — similar-looking items won't be detected. To get a more detailed insight into your photos, you can click "Analyze photos" — this feature will look for bad and similar photos offering you to keep the best-looking images.


Avast Cleanup Premium has an app uninstaller among its feature set, too. It allows you to delete all programs and their related data, so you can rest assured no traces of the old apps are cluttering your Mac.

Startup items manager

Startup items are app components that launch automatically when you start up your Mac. These usually run in the background, extending app functionality, and may sometimes overconsume your Mac's resources, so Avast offers you to remove them. Here you can quickly disable startup items and enable those already turned off.

Browser cleaner

This tool can help improve your privacy online. The thing is that all browsers you use on your Mac store important data — cookie files. They help make the browsing experience more enjoyable, but they can as well become a significant privacy issue. With the help of Avast's browser cleaner, you can remove these files, thus freeing up space and protecting your privacy. 

Avast Cleanup Premium: Plans & Pricing

Here's a chart with subscription plans Avast Cleanup Premium provides.

Free trial

Plan for 1 Mac

One-time purchase

Avast Cleanup Premium

30-day trial period


Avast Cleanup Premium: The verdict

Avast is a well-known brand in the digital world. Avast Cleanup Premium is a great cleanup tool, although it seems that some tools are missing. Specifically, the app is fully devoted to cleaning up a Mac, but it has no tools for Mac protection or optimization. If you would like to have an all-in-one product for your Mac, you can check out CleanMyMac X. It goes beyond removing junk files and unnecessary apps and provides malware removal tools as well as maintenance instruments. Free download is available here.

Overall, give this app a try if you can, and make your own decision. Happy cleaning!

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