About CleanMy®Phone

CleanMy®Phone is an app that makes the tedious task of managing the photo library on your iPhone or iPad easy, quick, and even enjoyable.

Powered by a custom AI model, CleanMy®Phone lets you easily find and get rid of digital clutter like duplicate and blurred photos, screenshots, and similar unnecessary content. This gives you space for new memories.

Moreover, the app helps you organize and refine your photo library by finding and managing similar and unneeded media files. This way, you always keep the most precious moments at hand and are not overwhelmed by digital clutter.

To learn more about what CleanMy®Phone offers and how it can benefit you, see Feature overview.

We crafted CleanMy®Phone to help you manage your photo library effectively without compromising your privacy and data security. To find out more, explore app safety and permissions, and how it handles your personal and usage data.

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