Settings and preferences

CleanMy®Phone provides additional tools and preferences to let you customize your experience, share your feedback, and get extra information related to the app.

Go to the Settings tab to access and use the following:

  • Sensitive

    Tap to open the Sensitive folder and manage its contents.

  • Photo Metadata

    Tap to select which types of file metadata the app shows (if the data is available).

    You can show or hide the following metadata: filename, filename extension, file type, file size, dimensions, date and time the file was created, camera info (model, lens, aperture, ISO sensitivity), location where photo or video was taken, album the file was added to, tags added to the file, and date and time the file was modified last.

  • Sounds

    Tap to turn the in-app sounds on or off.

    Note: In-app sounds aren't available now, but we'll add them in future updates.

  • Notifications

    Tap to turn on or off notifications that CleanMy®Phone shows on your device.

  • Send Feedback

    Tap to open the in-app feedback form. Use this form to report any issues with CleanMy®Phone, and share your comments and suggestions. By default, the form includes technical app logs to help us address and resolve the problems.

  • FAQ

    Tap to open and explore the page with the frequently asked questions about CleanMy®Phone.

  • Development Team

    Tap to view the list of people behind CleanMy®Phone.

  • Rate on App Store

    Tap to rate CleanMy®Phone and write a review on its App Store page.

  • Privacy Policy Agreement

    Tap to open CleanMy®Phone Privacy Policy and learn more about how the app handles your data.

  • Subscribe to Newsletter

    Tap to subscribe to our newsletter and receive iOS tips, product news, and exclusive deals.

  • Follow Us

    Tap to see the options you can use to follow us: Instagram, TikTok, Blog, and YouTube.

  • Delete All Media in Photo Library

    Tap to remove all items from the photo library on your device at once.

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