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If you have photos or videos that are critically important to you and should not be deleted by mistake, or if there are some that you prefer not to deal with in CleanMy®Phone, you can mark them as sensitive and add them to the Sensitive folder. This will make the app ignore such photos and videos and not show them in the scan results.

If you use CleanMy®Phone on two or more devices with the same Apple ID, turn on iCloud Sync for the app. This way, the Sensitive folder will stay up to date across all your devices, meaning you won't have to review its contents on each one separately.

To mark a photo or a video as sensitive, tap it to view it in full, then tap the Save icon. CleanMy®Phone will add the item to the Sensitive folder and hide it from the scan results.

Note: If you used Gemini Photos before and then upgraded to CleanMy®Phone, the photos you had in the Ignore list automatically migrate to the Sensitive folder.

To review the contents of the Sensitive folder and remove photos and videos you no longer need:

  1. Tap Settings, then tap Sensitive.

  2. Tap through each category and review its contents:

    1. To take a closer look at a specific item, tap it to open full screen.

      In the full-screen view, you can also enhance the photo, add the item to an album or favorites, share it, and view its metadata.

    2. Select the photos and videos you want to delete.

      To select all items in the category at once, tap Select All.

    3. After you finish reviewing, tap Clean, then tap Delete to confirm.

CleanMy®Phone deletes the selected items only in the currently viewed category.

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