macOS Ventura vs Monterey

The latest version of macOS, named Ventura, has a bunch of new apps, features, and improvements over its predecessor, Monterey, but that doesn’t necessarily mean it suits you best. There are a few things to consider when deciding whether or not to upgrade. In this article, we’ll contrast macOS Ventura vs Monterey to show how they differ and help you single out the right one for you.

macOS Ventura vs Monterey: can you upgrade?

Before asking yourself, ‘should I upgrade,’ you need to know whether you can upgrade. System requirements for Ventura are slightly different than those for Monterey. So, you should ensure that you have one of the latest Macs to run Ventura before you decide to upgrade. Here’s the official list of compatible Macs:

2017 iMac and later

2017 iMac Pro and later

2018 MacBook Air and later

2017 MacBook Pro and later

2019 Mac Pro and later

2018 Mac mini and later

2017 MacBook and later

2022 Mac Studio

As you can see from the chart below, quite a few Macs that could install Monterey are not supported to install Ventura.

macOS Ventura vs Monterey performance

The final version of macOS Ventura has arrived. So, we can see how Ventura compares with Monterey. Still, given that it introduces new features and is optimized for Apple’s latest M-series chips, it’s likely to place greater demands on older machines. That means that some Macs, particularly Intel-based Macs that only make the grade, are likely to slow down a little running Ventura compared with Monterey.

How to boost your Mac’s performance under Ventura

If, after installing Ventura, you notice that your Mac has slowed down, there are things you can do to give it a little boost. One of the easiest is clearing out junk files, removing launch agents or login items, and running maintenance routines, such as reindexing Spotlight and repairing permissions. You can do all of the above in a few clicks with the CleanMyMac X app.

This utility box for your Mac is designed to keep your Mac free from clutter, running smoothly, and performing at its peak. You can try it for free here. Once you’ve downloaded it, follow these steps to boost your Mac’s efficiency when running Monterey or Ventura.

Drivers in Launch Agents tab

  1. Launch CleanMyMac X and choose Optimization in the sidebar.
  2. Click View all items.
  3. Select the routines you want to run.
  4. Click Remove.

macOS Ventura vs Monterey: Spotlight and Stage Manager

The Spotlight in Ventura allows you to search for images in your Photos Library, Messages, Notes, Finder, and the web. Just type what you’re looking for, followed by ‘photos.’ You can even preview the results using Quick Look. What’s more, Live Text in Ventura allows you to search text within images. How cool is that! You couldn’t do any of that with Monterey.

The other brand-new update to Ventura is Stage Manager — a new Finder view that puts the windows you’re working in at the center of the screen, leaving other open windows visible on the side of your screen. Those windows can be grouped by application, or you can create your own personalized groups & workspaces.

macOS Ventura vs Monterey: System Settings

System Preferences in Monterey is System Settings in Ventura, almost matching its equivalent app in iOS and iPad OS. It still does the same thing, but some preferences have been moved around, and others are easier to get to, thanks to the new sidebar.

macOS Ventura vs Monterey: Continuity Camera

In Monterey, Continuity Camera allows you to use your iPhone’s camera to scan images directly into macOS apps like Pages or take photos on your Mac using the camera on your iPhone. Ventura takes it even further and allows using your iPhone as a webcam. It supports features like Center Stage, which lets you show your desk on camera while keeping your face in view.

macOS Ventura vs Monterey: new apps

The Mac finally gets Clock and Weather apps in Ventura, and they work and look the same as they do on the iPhone. And there’s another new app in Ventura, Freeform. It’s a brainstorming app that allows you to write or draw with an Apple Pencil and add images or hyperlinks. And you can share a Freeform document with others and collaborate on it in real time.

macOS Ventura vs Monterey: Mail and Messages

In both Messages and Mail in Ventura, you can finally ‘unsend’ messages for several seconds after you’ve hit ‘Send.’ In Mail, you can also schedule outgoing emails and postpone looking at incoming messages by setting a reminder to come back to them later. Plus, now Messages support SharePlay. Say hello to effortless file sharing and even more transcendent collaboration!

macOS Ventura vs Monterey: Safari

To be honest, Safari in Ventura isn’t all that different from Monterey. However, it’s still faster and uses less energy. You can now share groups of tabs and bookmarks, make FaceTime calls, and send Messages within Safari. Ventura Safari was upgraded to support PassKeys — Apple’s authentication system that shortly has the potential to replace passwords entirely. By the way, Apple hasn’t mentioned whether Monterey Safari would be updated to support Passkeys.

macOS Ventura vs Monterey isn’t much of a competition but more a question of which operating system is a perfect fit for you personally. Remember to consider the age of your Mac, whether you’ll be able to update the apps you use to support Ventura, and whether you need all those fancy features. After all, if you do decide to upgrade, don’t forget to run CleanMyMac X first to get your Mac set and ready for the new macOS.