New iPhone in 2019: Release date, features, and rumors

Fall could arguably be considered the new iPhone season. Usually, at some point during the month of September, Apple hosts a keynote where the new iOS is officially released, and a new line of iPhones is announced. There’s usually a pre-order for the new phones in the weeks after the announcement, leading up to its actual release date.

In typical Apple fashion, most of the official details are still being kept under wraps. But in this article, we’ll go over some of the speculation and what answers we do have.

What new iPhone model is coming out in 2019?

The iPhone lineup is expected to be an upgrade and improve on the models that were released in 2018. They will offer both 5.8 and 6.5 OLED devices to serve as the upgraded iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max, while an updated 6.1 LCD model is expected to be the big brother of the iPhone XR.

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New iPhone’s release date

We still don’t have the release date for the 2019 iPhones and don’t have an official name for the lineup. But because it’s the 11th generation of iPhone, there is some speculation that Apple will continue with the naming system it’s been using and call it iPhone XI. Other chatter suggests Apple may switch things up and call it iPhone 11.

What’s new in the new iPhone?

There are quite a few rumors swirling around the internet about what we should expect from the new models. But until those are confirmed, it’s all subject to change. And while we may not know much officially about the hardware of the new iPhones, the new iOS 13 is already in beta. And what some of those features entail also shed some light on what to expect from the new phones.

New features in the new iPhone model

  • No 3D Touch. Already removed from 2018’s iPhone XR, this feature is expected to be discontinued in all of 2019’s models.
  • In-display Touch ID. There’s speculation that Touch ID could return without the home button, but instead be built into the display.
  • Bilateral wireless charging. Two-way charging meaning you can use your iPhone to wirelessly charge your AirPods or even a friend’s iPhone.
  • Apple Pencil support. The stylus originally introduced for iPad Pro is rumored to be heading to iPhone now.
The new iPhone features: Wireless charging for headphones and more

What will the new iPhone look like in 2019?

We can probably expect the new iPhones to look very similar to the models released in 2018. Aside from a couple of new color options, rumors are the most significant change will be to the rear camera system. The speculation is that each model will get an additional lense. The LCD phones will finally have a dual lens, and the OLED phones will get a triple one.

There is some internet chatter that the front notch on the display might be getting smaller or could be completely non-existent this time around. But if the front camera gets upgraded from 7 MP to 12 MP, it seems more likely that the notch will stay the same size as it is now. 

How much will the new iPhone cost?

While price points for the new models haven’t been released yet, it’s safe to assume they will be very close to the prices of the 2018 models. It’s possible the price may even come down some. Since iPhone XS Max was Apple’s most expensive model to date, it would make sense that Apple would work to bring the price down. At the very least it would be an attempt to mlowerake the barrier to entry on these models.

Even though there has been very little confirmed information about the new iPhones, there’s still plenty to be excited about. From new displays and cameras to upgraded batteries and wireless charging, things are definitely moving in the right direction for iPhone. 

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