10 best iPhone storage cleaner apps reviewed

iPhones have won the hearts of billions of users for their simplicity and incredible efficiency. However, there is one downside every smartphone in the world shares: they are running out of space sooner than you expect. No matter how much space you have, it always gets cluttered with tons of photos, screenshots, videos, and other stuff. 

If you’ve been planning to get your phone a good old cleanup — let’s get to it! We’ve shared 10 best cleaning iPhone apps to help you tidy things up.

How iPhone cleaners work?

If you do a quick search on the iOS App Store for “cleaning” apps, you’ll find no shortage of options. But what exactly does a clean up storage app do? A lot of them will scan your phone for clutter, whether it’s in your email inbox or your photo library, and help you quickly delete anything you don’t want anymore.

So, for the sake of this article, the iPhone cleaner apps that are mentioned are the ones that will help you easily get rid of clutter like:

  • Duplicate photos
  • Large videos
  • Duplicate contacts
  • Spam emails

The best cleaner apps for iPhone: free and paid

Whether you’ve noticed your iPhone slowing down or you want to get rid of all the annoying clutter that has accumulated, here are the best iOS cleaners.

1. CleanMy®Phone — Cleaner for iOS

With an already impressive camera getting better with every new iPhone, it’s easy to understand how a photo library can become bloated with similar-looking pictures and duplicates. Thankfully, CleanMy®Phone can scan your library and help you quickly go through all those images to decide what to get rid of and what to keep.

CleanMy®Phone will also scan for screenshots, blurry pictures, screen recordings, and other useless images that are cluttering up precious storage space on your phone. You can download Clean My Phone for free trial on the App Store. 

Main features

  • Clean up iPhone storage by finding and deleting similar and duplicate pictures, screenshots, etc., with its Declutter module
  • See suggestions for the best photos you should keep and group them into categories for easier organization and decluttering
  • Identify images with text on them and send them to the Sensitive folder
  • Organize your entire photo library with the Organize module
  • Recover accidentally deleted photos from the Recently Deleted album
  • Test your download and upload speed

    CleanMy®Phone on the App Store

    2. Cleanup: iPhone storage cleaner

    If you’re looking for a quick app that will help clean up your photos, contacts, and email, look no further than Cleanup. This app will scan your phone for duplicate photos and videos and is easy and straightforward to use. However, there are a lot of ads within the app, so keep that in mind and be patient. You can download Cleanup cleaner app for free and upgrade to the premium version, which will cost $3.99 a week.

    Main features

    • See suggestions for the best photos you should keep
    • Use the app without internet connection
    • Clean contacts and emails

    Cleanup on the App Store

    3. Boost Cleaner

    Boost Cleaner has a pretty straightforward interface. As soon as you open the app, it shows you how much storage you’re using on your iPhone. From there, you can choose to do what the app calls the “Fast Cleaner,” which will scan your contacts and your photo library. Or you can choose to scan your contacts, photos, or videos individually. In addition to cleaning up your iPhone, Boost Cleaner doubles as a compressing tool for photos and videos.

    Main features

    • Clean up similar photos, duplicates, and videos
    • Filter pictures by date, location
    • Manage and merge duplicate contacts

    Boost Cleaner on the App Store

    4. Magic Cleaner & Smart Cleanup

    Magic Cleaner looks minimalist and sleek: as you open the app, you’ll see how much of your storage space is already in use. The app scans your photo gallery for similar photos, duplicates, videos, screenshots, and other. This last category contains photos that don’t belong anywhere, and you can sort them by size or date. What makes Magic Cleaner stand out is its built-in VPN that lets you browse securely.

    Main features 

    • Free storage from duplicates and similar photos
    • Manage your contacts and merge duplicates
    • Use a built-in VPN for secure browsing

    Magic Cleaner on the App Store

    5. Hyper Cleaner

    There’s no shortage of ways to clean up your iPhone with the Hyper Cleaner. You can scan everything from your photos and videos to contacts. Hyper Cleaner also offers a suite of utilities, like a video compressor to reduce the size of large media files, battery life tips, and even an ad blocker for your browser. While you can try out the app for free for three days, it does require a weekly subscription, which will cost you $4.99.

    Main features

    • Identify similar and blurry photos
    • Compress large videos to save space
    • Block ads while browsing

    Hyper Cleaner on the App Store

    6. Cleanfox

    Every day, your inbox is flooded with spam and promotional emails you don’t have time to read. And if you’re being honest, you probably don’t want to read a majority of them anyway. Thankfully, the app Cleanfox will quickly sort those emails out and help you decide which ones to delete versus those you should unsubscribe from.

    Main features 

    • Declutter your mailbox
    • Unsubscribe from newsletters you no longer wish to receive
    • Sort your emails by the least open or the most open

    Cleanfox on the App Store

    7. Easy Cleaner

    While contacts don’t take up a ton of storage space, having duplicates or even old contacts can make using your address book annoying and somewhat useless. Easy Cleaner will scan through your contacts and identify duplicates, helping you either merge them into one contact or delete them altogether.

    Main features

    • Clean up duplicate contacts
    • Merge and manage contacts
    • Add additional missing information to your contacts

    Easy Cleaner on the App Store

    8. Phone Cleaner

    Phone Cleaner is designed to do exactly as its name promises. It will scan your phone for duplicate pictures and similar-looking photos, sorting your pictures and videos by size to make it easier to get rid of larger files first. Phone Cleaner will also clean up your contacts list and merge duplicate contacts. That said, all of these features are only available through subscription starting from $3.99 a week.

    Main features

    • Remove duplicate photos & videos
    • Merge and backup contacts
    • Set up an animation to display on your iPhone when it’s charging

    Phone Cleaner on the App Store

    9. Cleaner Kit (formerly Smart Cleaner)

    On the surface, what Cleaner Kit — formerly named Smart Cleaner — does is simple. This app helps you get rid of duplicates of photos and contacts, but it can actually do quite a bit more than that. Aside from just deleting or merging duplicates, Cleaner Kit will show you your storage status and help you organize your photos, videos, and contacts.

    Main features

    • Delete similar photos and videos 
    • Organize contacts and remove duplicates 
    • Run a network speed test

    Cleaner Kit on the App Store

    10. CCleaner for iPhone

    Like other apps on this list, Cleaner will scan your phone for screenshots and similar photos as well as check your contacts for duplicates, allowing you to merge them quickly. It will also find incomplete contacts and offer you two options: either remove or add missing details. CCleaner also lets you remove large videos and hide sensitive media by importing photos you want to keep away from prying eyes to a locked folder in the app.

    Main features

    • Recognize similar photos and screenshots
    • Clean contacts and videos
    • Hide sensitive media

    CCleaner on the App Store

    Whatever it is that’s motivating you to clean and declutter your iPhone, there’s an app to help you. Unfortunately, there is no single magic app that will automatically purge everything you don’t want on your iPhone anymore. Only you know what’s worth holding on to and what you’re okay to part with. So, if your iPhone has been slowing down or you’re just tired of having to sift through the sludge of duplicates, hopefully, you’ll be able to use one of these apps to help you tidy things up and get your phone clutter-free.

    Frequently asked questions

    1. What is the best free iPhone cleaner app?

    The best iPhone cleaner app available for free download is CleanMy®Phone. It is fast, safe to use, has an intuitive design, and makes cleaning photo gallery — the most space-consuming location of most iPhones — effortless.

    2. Does iPhone have a cleaner app?

    Yes, iPhone has cleaner apps, and you can download them from the App Store. If you don’t trust third-party apps, you can try to get rid of clutter manually by deleting photos or offloading apps, but it will be more time-consuming and less effective compared with using a specialist app.

    3. Are iPhone cleaning apps safe?

    Most apps that come from the App Store are safe; however, some apps process your data on the developers’ servers, which may pose privacy risks. Therefore, when choosing a cleaner app, find an app that processes your data on your device. Among those we mentioned in this article, CleanMy®Phone is one such app — with on-device scanning, you can be sure that your photos remain safe from prying eyes. 


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