Debunked: 6 Popular myths about VPN

VPN is the new black, isn't it? In the age of data leaks, content restrictions, and privacy issues it has become an essential tool for online journeys. However, users can sometimes be biased and even reluctant due to common misconceptions about the technology. This article will debunk some of the most popular VPN myths.

Myth 1. I don’t need a VPN as it is illegal

This statement is far from the truth. Any person willing to avoid surveillance, tracking, data/digital identity theft uses a VPN. It also protects you on the public Wi-Fi and while using banking apps. Private networks are mostly legal almost anywhere in the world, except for the countries with authoritarian regimes forbidding their citizens from accessing certain websites and services. China, North Korea, Iraq, Iran, Turkey, and Russia prohibit VPN usage. So, to avoid any problems make sure to turn your VPN off whenever you travel there. VPN itself is legal as a tool and you are safe if you don’t use it for criminal purposes.

Myth 2. VPNs are only for safety geeks

No matter how experienced you are, ISP’s make tracking, data collection, target advertising, hacking, and data breaches common things. VPN is the right step to make to secure your digital identity and privacy. There are many different VPN services, they are complex, and it doesn’t mean they are good ones. ClearVPN makes a difference as it is an easy-to-use and reliable tool. Just install the application, follow the shortcuts, choose a preferable protection plan and that’s it.

Myth 3. A VPN is needed for those who have something to hide

Frankly speaking, everyone has sensitive information i.e. our personal data. The point is that the more info about the user gets from search engines, social networks, and other sites that collect information, the more they can influence users’ actions online. Users’ data is a valuable resource for them to make money. VPN will make your digital footprints blur because of encrypted traffic and a different IP address. That’s why it will be difficult for the interested parties to know about the sites one visits, applications one uses, search history, etc. 

Myth 4. A free VPN is free for real

Any VPN needs income as it has the infrastructure, advanced technologies implemented, software development, encryption, etc. How does a free VPN make money? It can sound incredible but the user’s data is used to pay for VPN services. VPN companies sell it to advertisers, marketing companies, and big firms. A limited version of a paid VPN is free temporarily, it’s meant to convince the users to choose a premium account. The reason for using a VPN is to strengthen one’s online security. Unfortunately, a free VPN does just the opposite by compromising your data. It is just a visual illusion.

Myth 5. Free VPNs are as effective as paid ones

Originally the purpose of VPN was to provide its users with security, privacy, and anonymity. All of the listed requires work, infrastructure, and updating which is not done for free. There are no developers willing to work for no income taking care of the people worldwide offering an excellent product instead. The main point here, you want to use a VPN to stay safe and secure online. Unfortunately, you can’t have it with a free VPN. Paid VPN offers a lot of services, bonuses, and discounts for loyal users.

Using a free VPN for your online interactions can be dangerous even without you knowing that. We take your online safety seriously. That’s why we've created ClearVPN — the first effortless VPN for a secure and personalized online experience. Learn more about ClearVPN.

Myth 6. All VPNs are created equal

Despite the fact that they have a developed infrastructure with thousands of servers, high-grade encryption, and almost the same price (depending on the protection plan), this service has some outstanding characteristics.

User experience

    A user-friendly VPN has an intuitive interface and it’s easy to install. The most advanced ones offer a wide range of shortcuts to make the process smooth.

    Connection protocols

    This aspect is essential due to its advanced technical characteristics. Various levels of encryption are in direct proportion with slowing the speed. The higher encryption is, the slower is the speed. Reliable VPN services such as ClearVPN automatically adjust connection protocols for you to select.

    Simultaneous connections

    It matters in case of a need to connect several devices to the Internet at the same time. This number differs in the companies from 3 to 6 connections, up to unlimited connections.

    Customer service

    An appropriate professional service is more complicated than a new VPN service company on the market. Customer support needs investments as well. It can be offered via email, in live chat, via Skype, via phone.


    VPN’s popularity continues to increase globally. Today average internet users realize the growing number of threats during online work. Hopefully, we managed to clear some of the confusion and dispel the debunk VPN myths. Be aware of the risks and be responsible when making safety-related decisions. It’s good to know all VPN features before deciding in favor of any provider.

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