Why you should use a VPN when playing Warzone

Tired of getting bested by players who are simply a step ahead? A Warzone VPN may prove to be the trick for getting into a fairer pool of players, which perhaps, have similar skills of your own. Also, it’s important to get a no lag VPN for Warzone to avoid split-second delays that will cost you dearly in battle.

In this guide, you’ll find out how using a Warzone VPN works in your favor and which is the best VPN for Warzone.

What Is Warzone?

Launched in 2020, Call of Duty: Warzone or better known as “Warzone,” is a cross-platform multiplayer battle-royale extension of its Modern Warfare series. To date, Warzone attracts more than 100 million players around the globe to arena-style battles that pit 150 players heads on.

The excitement of going against skilled gamers, putting your skills with modern weaponry to the test, and scavenging for loot makes Warzone one of the best modern shooting games of the decade. Gamers enjoy firefights in Battle Royale and Plunder, where they try to outwit fellow shooters in strategy, skills, and agility.

Warzone distinguishes itself with its in-game cash, which can be earned by killing enemies, looting, or fulfilling contracts. The cash can then be exchanged with in-game items like gas masks, self-revive kits, or calls for a precision airstrike. So, yes. Cash is undoubtedly king in Warzone.

Before you parachute into the Verdansk-inspired map, you’ll be prepping your operator with suitable loadouts. Your weapon is, of course, a crucial factor in beating your opponents in the game. As such, you have the privilege of leveling up the weapons, unlocking attachments, or crafting customized ones from weapon blueprints.

What’s interesting about Warzone is that falling victim to a headshot doesn’t spell instant death. Instead, you’ll be sent to Gulag, a confined chamber where you duke it out with another player for the right to re-enter the battle. If you fail to get the best of your opponent, then you’re out of the game for real.

Do You Need A VPN To Play Warzone?

Technically, you can get into a battle in Warzone without a VPN. However, that doesn’t rule out using a Warzone VPN, particularly when you realize the benefits it carries. Here are the top benefits:

1. Get Easier Lobbies

If you’re playing on servers where top-ranked players gather, life can be pretty tough. Often, you’ll be outmuscled or outgunned in most of the battles you participate in. Losing is part and parcel of the game but when it happens once too often, it amounts to frustration.

It is rumored that Warzone uses SBMM, or skill-based match-making, to pair players with similar skill sets in the lobby. The problem is, Warzone doesn’t wait for the entire pool to be filled, and you may be placed together with a group of top gunners.

As unfair as it sounds, that’s how the Warzone matchmaking algorithm works. But that shouldn’t stop you from outsmarting the SBMM mechanism. The solution lies in using a Warzone no lag VPN.

A VPN allows you to change your device’s IP address to one in another region. If your current location is teeming with skilled players, you’ll want to switch to a Warzone server that is less crowded and with manageable opponents.

With a VPN, simply connect to a country where fewer players are online at the particular moment. If you’re in the US, choose countries in Europe where gamers are more likely to be having their breakfast than arming up for battle.

Alternatively, it’s also a great idea to connect to a VPN server in countries with less active players or one that does not boast a contingent of skilled players. For example, England and Germany are safe bets compared to top-ranked countries like Finland, Canada, and Sweden.

2. Prevent DDoS Attacks

While it’s unlikely to happen in regular games, but tournaments with prizes on the line can attract unscrupulous hackers. If you’re playing without a VPN, your IP address will be exposed to the public and may be a target for a DDoS attack.

The perpetrator floods your connection with request packets in a DDoS attack, making it impossible to connect to the Warzone server. With a VPN, you’ll be able to mask your IP address, effectively nullifying the threat.

3. Bypass Throttling

Not all ISPs are generous with the bandwidth. Some ISPs enforce throttling for certain online activities, including gaming. If you find in-game connection suffers after a while in battle, you could be subjected to a targeted throttle.

Using a VPN is your answer to incessant ISP throttling. A VPN stealthily sneaks your device past the ISP’s watchful eye, which lets you play Warzone at the maximum bandwidth.

Why A No Lag VPN for Warzone is Critical

A Warzone VPN is only as good as the latency introduced. When you’re connecting to a VPN, you introduce an intermediary component between your device and the Warzone server. As such, there is bound to be an increase in the data exchange.

The question is, does the additional latency affect the gaming experience? You don’t want to end up with a VPN that causes a disconnect in the gameplay. It won’t matter how much a VPN helps protect or land you with easier opponents if it makes gameplay impossible.

Therefore, it’s crucial to choose a no lag VPN for Warzone. With a no-lag VPN, you’re assured minimal latency that doesn’t disrupt the gaming experience. In fact, you wouldn’t even notice that you’re connected to a VPN when you’re using the right one.

Among the many VPNs in the market, few deliver a seamless gaming experience on Warzone. If you’re serious about getting the most out of Warzone, you’ll want to use ClearVPN.

ClearVPN not only offers high-speed, low latency gaming-optimized servers but also has a wide regional coverage. This means it’s possible to play in easier lobbies by connecting to foreign servers.

How to Use ClearVPN

Using ClearVPN for Warzone is quite straightforward. Here are the steps.

  1. Install ClearVPN on your device (we use Windows as an example in the picture below)
  2. Open the app and activate Upgrade Your Gaming shortcut.
  3. Choose the server that fits your needs.
  4. Launch Warzone and enjoy the game.

Let’s Wrap it Up

Now you know why using a VPN for Warzone can put an end to your losing streak and match you with more equal opponents. It also keeps you safe and, in some cases, improves connection speed.

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