Gemini 2 got a new powerful feature - Duplicates Monitor

We’re very excited to introduce you to our new feature — Duplicates Monitor. We’ve been working on it for a while now. And your feedback and experiences have helped us polish the edges.

Read on to find out about its perks.

Monitor your files in real-time

When you work on your Mac, want it or not, duplicate files tend to pile up. A report saved twice, a funny pic here and there, a song you’ve added again and again just because you couldn’t find it. All these files just sit there and take up storage. But what if you could delete them right away? Without that annoying “your disk is almost full” pop-up?

That’s where Duplicates Monitor comes in. It keeps tabs on the folders you’ve just cleaned out, or even your whole Mac and lets you know when a new duplicate pops in. Preventing any future cluttering.

Keep an eye on specific disks and folders

By default, the Duplicates Monitor starts watching over the last place Gemini 2 has cleaned out. But no one knows your Mac better than you do. So if you want to select a specific folder where all dupes end up, you can do that in Preferences.

Delete new copies right away

The best thing about Duplicates Monitor is that you don’t have to repeatedly re-scan your Mac and spend hours mass-reviewing and deleting copies. With this new feature, Gemini 2 does that for you.

Gemini 2
Gemini 2

Your know-how to fight duplicates