We made an iPhone app for those who have too many photos

An average iPhone user takes an astounding 10,000 photos every year. And while we just made that up, the truth is people do take a lot of photos with their iPhones. Christmas dinners with in-laws, backpacking trips to South America, silly concert selfies — you know, memories. But photos have a way of piling up, and the next thing you know your iPhone’s brimming with them like a shopaholic's closet.

Optimizing storage is our specialty here at MacPaw (what with being the developers of CleanMyMac and Gemini), and we finally got to optimizing it on your iPhone. Upon countless requests of Gemini 2 users, today we’re launching Gemini Photos for iOS!

Why your iPhone needs Gemini Photos

The app finds blurred photos, screenshots, and photos of text you probably forgot to delete, so you can trim some weight off your library just by clearing those. Moreover, true to its name, Gemini Photos detects photos that look alike — you know how sometimes you take several shots to pick a good one later? Using a smart algorithm, the app suggests you the best result in a set of similar photos and lets you quickly delete the rest. As a bonus feature, it even lets you delete your entire library if you need to (you’d have to select every pic manually to do that in Photos).

iOS requirements and pricing

Gemini Photos works on iOS 11 and is free with in-app purchases. You’ll be able to clear unlimited blurred photos and clutter, while sorting out similar photos will cost you some extra.

Users + beta testers + the team = great app

Like most of our products, Gemini Photos was inspired by feedback from users: you guys kept saying you’d like an iPhone app like Gemini 2, and we took the idea seriously. Moreover, when we launched the beta version, our mailbox was overflowing with UI suggestions, comments, and bug reports so detailed we were amazed at your dedication. The Gemini team can’t thank you all enough! Now go ahead, take a look at the app we built together — and show off your iPhone photography skills by contributing to our Instagram.

These good people made Gemini Photos happen:

  • Oleksii Nezhyborets
  • Volodymyr Dudchak
  • Alex Parienko
  • Alex Yemelyanov
  • Simon Grozyan
  • Liudmyla Khomiak
  • Oleh Prokopenko
  • Roman Tyshchenko
  • Vsevolod Zhovtenko
  • Alice Kotlyarenko
  • Oleksandr Ageev
  • Pavlo Huk
  • Dmitri Bilkun
  • Oleksandr Kosovan
  • Vera Tkachenko
  • Yaroslav Gornostal
  • Oleksandr Gogu
  • Oleksandra Cherniavska
  • Julia Petryk
  • Ievgenii Kalnyk
  • MacPaw Support Team