Please give a warm welcome to Wallpaper Wizard 2

Some six years ago, a Ukrainian company named Coppertino — who happen to be our good friends — made an app. It solved a trivial but common problem: how do you regularly get fresh desktop pictures without going through the tedium of image search in Google? Users loved Wallpaper Wizard, because it was a simple idea, executed well.  

Eventually, the team moved on to their next big project, which gobbled up 99% of their time and resources. They could no longer support Wallpaper Wizard, but 400K users who couldn’t picture their desktop without it expected updates, and fixed issues, and new content. So, we stepped in and acquired the app.

Since then, we’ve gone a long way with Wallpaper Wizard. We put together a massive database of HD photos, hired a person with impeccable taste to curate them, built a powerful engine from scratch, created all-new design that complements the beautiful content. And today please give a warm welcome to Wallpaper Wizard 2, the newbie in the MacPaw squad!

In short, here’s what you’ll like about Wallpaper Wizard 2:

Seriously good images

Like we said, all wallpapers undergo the scrutiny of a moderator, so you’ll never have to sift through Windows XP-ish landscapes. We’ve already done that for you, don’t thank us.

HD 4K quality

Finding good pictures for your desktop is one thing, but finding pictures that look good on a big Retina display? Ouch. But don’t worry: all wallpapers in the app are in 4K quality, so no resolution issues anymore.

A new desktop every day

Wallpaper Wizard works like a playlist: just add all backgrounds you like to Roll and let the app set you a new one every week, day, or hour. With over 25K images and new arrivals monthly, you’re very unlikely to run out of wallpapers within your Mac’s lifetime.

Beauty for all your displays

For a little extra, you can use Wallpaper Wizard 2 on each of your multiple displays. Set the same background on all of them, use a different for each, or have wallpapers roll through all displays one by one.

What about upgrades?

Wallpaper Wizard 2 is available on the Mac App Store, which is notorious for the absence of upgrade pricing. So, unfortunately, there’s no way we can offer a special price to the users of version one. But those who like to try before they buy can do so on Setapp, the app subscription service we launched earlier. You can get a taste of Wallpaper Wizard 2 and an impressive array of other Mac apps for free, because the first month of Setapp is always on us.

We can’t wait for you to see the MacPaw newbie — and believe us, there’s a lot for you to see as far as wallpapers are concerned. So go ahead, get Wallpaper Wizard 2 on the Mac App Store and let us know what you think by leaving a review.