5 things we’ve learned about quarantine cleaning

While on lockdown, people are busy decluttering their homes and computers. A recent study on cleaning by Clorox (a home cleaning product) found that getting rid of junk increases people’s happiness by 53%. During times of turmoil, like ours, we need simple activities to cling on to. And cleaning your computer can be just as effective, as our own data proves. 

Another point, rather obvious, is that staying at home makes people consume more content. And consuming content inevitably drags along junk with it. For example, each time you rotate a picture in Preview, some cache files are created on your drive. And deleting junk is right up CleanMyMac X’s street. And it’s been fairly busy these last weeks.

So here is what we’ve learned from CleanMyMac X users — an infographic about quarantine cleaning✨