Getting started with CleanMyMac Classic

So you feel that your Mac OS X and software work pretty slow and you’ve decided to clean them up and optimize them. CleanMyMac Classic is the best cleaning utility for doing that.

First, install and activate your copy of CleanMyMac Classic, as described here.

What’s next? Well, CleanMyMac Classic is extremely user-friendly, so you’ll probably understand what to do when you launch it for the first time.

CleanMyMac Classic consists of modules that are listed on the left side of the application. You can always learn more about each module by clicking the little “i” button in the lower right-hand corner.

The first few modules will help you find and clean all the unnecessary files on your Mac. After selecting the module you wish to use, click Scan. After scanning your Mac, you can click on each module to see how much junk CleanMyMac Classic has discovered in each module category. If you want to avoid deleting certain files, you can deselect them before clicking Clean.

The second parts of the modules are situated under the Utility pane, which was developed to help you keep your Mac clean and optimized. In this pane, you can remove extensions and Mac software you don’t need anymore without leaving a trace.

For advanced usage of CleanMyMac Classic, sift through the Preferences window. It has many options that may be of interest to you; for example, you might wish to enable automatic cleaning of external devices upon eject with CleanMyMac Classic.

As you see, CleanMyMac Classic is quite an easy-to-use Mac cleaner!

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