Running your first scan with CleanMy® PC

My Computer is CleanMy® PC's first and main module that finds unneeded and broken files on your computer and performs basic cleanup. All files found in this module are created automatically by the system or applications, that's why removing them is safe for your personal data. Also, the cleanup doesn't harm software on your computer. 

To start the scanning of your PC, do these:

  1. Open the My Computer module of CleanMy® PC.
  2. Click Scan at the bottom of the window.

The scanning may take a while, depending on the amount of data on your computer. The scan results contain automatically selected data that can be safely deleted without even reviewing it. 

To quickly reveal some disk space, click Clean. 

After completing the basic system cleanup, you should try other modules to tidy up and manage your PC. 

You can find more information about how to use CleanMy® PC and its modules in our Knowledge Base.

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