CleanMy® PC modules and features

CleanMy® PC is more than a regular PC cleaner designed only to free up some space, it is rather a multitool that can optimize your computer, protect privacy, manage automatically launched programs and extensions, fix Registry issues, and so on. That's how you can use CleanMy® PC to keep your computer tidy and swift: 

  • Clean up excessive and broken data: My Computer scans your hard drive to find cache files, numerous log files, unneeded help files, unused UI languages, and various trash files. Removing them is safe for your personal data and the system.
  • Maintain Registry: The Registry Maintenance module allows you to get rid of broken registry keys and registry leftovers of earlier removed programs. This data is useless but it remains on your computer and eventually may affect its performance. 
  • Uninstall applications: Multi Uninstaller aggregates all programs installed on your computer in a single list and lets you remove any of them completely, with all associated files. Moreover, you can select up to 10 apps at a time to get rid of them all in a couple of clicks.
  • Disable hibernation: As an owner of a personal computer, you may want to turn off a power-saving hibernation mode designed mostly for laptops, and thus reveal around 1GB of disk space. CleanMy® PC can do it for you easily in the Hibernation module.
  • Manage extensions: While many programs and even Windows itself often go with some extensions, toolbars, or plugins you probably don’t need, removing these satellites isn't an easy task. Unless you have CleanMy® PC where you can delete any extension in a couple of clicks.
  • Turn autoruns off or remove them completely: These features are a cure for annoying programs that are started automatically with the operating system. Just go to CleanMy® PC's Autorun module and choose programs you don't want to be launched every time your Windows is restarted. Unfortunately, manual removal of autorun data might be complicated due to the diversity of locations where it can be stored. 
  • Protect privacy: Online or offline, your computer stores some private information about your activities, which you may prefer to clean periodically. CleanMy® PC easily finds and quickly removes such private data like cookies, browsers' and Explorer’s history, cached data, and authorization details.
  • Remove files securely: The Shredder module removes sensitive information from your PC once and for all, without a chance to restore it. This feature is particularly valuable if, for example, you are selling your PC and don't want any of your docs to be ever recovered. Or, you'd probably like to delete some financial documents with this feature too.

Please note that CleanMy® PC by default removes only unneeded, automatically created system files, broken data, and  temporary files generated by programs. It means that your personal files and your computer remain safe and won't be affected during the cleanup.

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