From Gemini Photos to CleanMy®Phone

We designed and built CleanMy®Phone as an upgrade to Gemini Photos and a perfect addition to the CleanMy® app family, making sure it becomes a comprehensive care solution for our users with iOS and iPadOS devices. In this transition, CleanMy®Phone retains all the familiar features and benefits of Gemini Photos, while bringing in expanded functionality and providing an enhanced user experience.

CleanMy®Phone implements optimized and improved image processing models that are twice as fast as those offered by Gemini Photos. We've also introduced a brand new AI photo categorization feature to help you deal with all kinds of clutter on your device and organize your photo library the way you like.

To keep our users informed, we proactively communicated the transition in advance, ensuring everyone was aware of the upgrade and its future developments.

All existing users of Gemini Photos automatically transition to CleanMy®Phone without any effort and can enjoy all its features at no extra cost. We also ensured your valued and important photos – those you added to the Ignore list in Gemini Photos – are automatically preserved and migrated to CleanMy®Phone.

Unfortunately, if you find that CleanMy®Phone doesn't work for you, it's impossible to revert back to Gemini Photos. Gemini Photos has been entirely replaced by CleanMy®Phone and no longer exists in its original form.

We have introduced a new pricing model for CleanMy®Phone. However, we will maintain the old price for our users with active Gemini Photos subscriptions.

While we can't offer any form of compensation for our products under our product policy, you may request a refund if CleanMy®Phone doesn't meet your needs and expectations.

Please remember that we're always here to help you with any questions or concerns about your purchase. If you encounter any other issues or want to share your insights, comments, and suggestions regarding CleanMy®Phone, please share your feedback using the in-app form or contact our Support Team.

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