Organize photos

CleanMy®Phone makes it much easier to keep your photo library organized and well-curated.

Review your photos and remove those you don't need:

  1. Tap Organize, then choose how you want to filter the photos to be scanned – Last Week, Last Month, or Custom Filter (by year or location).

  2. Tap Scan.

    Scanning may take some time, depending on the size of your photo library and the filter you chose in the previous step.

  3. After the scan is complete, tap a category to open it and review the contents in both the Similars and Unique groups:

    1. Look through the photos carefully and select those you want to delete.

      Tip: If you need to take a closer look at a specific photo, tap the photo to open it full screen. In the full-screen view, you can slightly enhance the photo, add it to an album or favorites, check its metadata info, share it, or save it to the Sensitive folder so that the app ignores this photo in future scans.

    2. Tap Clean, then tap Delete to remove the selected photos in the group.

    3. Review the results, then tap Continue to go back to the group.

  4. After reviewing the contents of one category, tap the Close button to go back to the scan results, and continue with other categories.

Done! Your photo library is much leaner now.

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