We're hiring!

About us

We are a small group of creative and friendly developers, designers and IT professionals who love and enjoy what they do at MacPaw. As a team aimed at ultimate success we are constantly growing and looking for a new blood to join us.

We value happiness and satisfaction above all and do everything for ourselves to work as comfortably as possible. That means we don't have strict work hours and won't overwork you. Creativity, inspiration, solidarity — that is what MacPaw about.

MacPaw Office

We're constantly hiring! If you really think that you are a super cool developer and will be a good addition to our team, let us know and email your resume.

Web Designer ▸

MacPaw is looking for a talented web designer. He/She will be responsible for creating amazing designs for web with usability, UI, marketing, and conversion in mind.

OS X Developer ▸

The MacPaw team seeks an experienced OS X Developer to work on variety of projects, as well as getting involved with the creation of some impressive Mac Applications and features. We are looking for a passionate and talented developer who lives and breaths the Mac!

Creative Copywriter ▸

We're in search of an extremely talented and creative copywriter for virtually every type of copywriting: sales/web content, media releases, emails, blogs, product, announcements, and social media updates. We are open to in-house or remote partnerships.

Automation QA Engineer ▸

A successful Mac Software Development company is looking for an experienced and analytical Automation Quality Assurance Engineer with strong web applications testing background.

PHP Developer ▸

MacPaw is looking for a talented web developer, with great verbal and written communication skills and who feels comfortable working in a fast-paced, team environment. This position works closely with Marketing to develop optimal solutions for the business.

Flexible Work Hours

Different people have different peak hours for work. We appreciate people who know when they work best to achieve the highest efficiency in what they do.

Desired Freedom

We respect your methods of work and avoid strict management. Instead we prefer to provide you with everything you may need to get your job done and leave you to it.

Convenient Location

We're based in Kyiv, the greenest city of Ukraine and the whole world! The office is situated in the centre of the city and is close to the metro.