Who We Are

MacPaw Inc. is a fresh, independent software development company filled with passionate people. We specialize in software development using the latest OS X technologies.

Our Mission

At MacPaw we create innovative and high-quality products to solve complex tasks easily. The key to our success is combining a great team with the best technologies and innovative design.

Our Core Values

Our Awesome Team
Oleksandr Kosovan
Founder, CEO
Sofia Dvoynos
Operations Team Lead
Vera Tkachenko
Cocoa Team Lead
Yaroslav Gornostal
WebServices Team Lead
Bogdan Grechanovsky
Project Manager
Serhiy Buchnev
Software Developer
Vladimir Voronin
Customer Support Manager
Olga Kurylenko
PPC Lead
Dmitriy Novikov
UI Designer
Olga Opanasenko
HR Manager
Volodymyr Radchenko
Customer Support Team Lead
Alexey Sobolevskiy
PHP Developer
Andrii Melnyk
System Administrator
Liudmyla Khomiak
Cocoa QA Team Lead
Denis Stas
Software Developer
Sergey Tatarchuk
Software Developer
Oksana Kizikelova
Marketing Specialist
Ivan Kuziv
Marketing Team Lead
Sergey Grigoruk
Marketing Designer
Olga Medikari
Marketing Specialist
Boris Zagorodnii
Front-End Developer
Dmytro Tretiakov
Software Developer
Taras Neporozhniy
Front-End Developer
Dmitriy Litvenchuk
Test Automation Engineer
Andrey Ganzevich
PHP Developer
Dasha Vasylieva
Creative Designer
Oleg Mamchich
PHP Developer
Kate Uglitskikh
Personal Assistant to CEO
Yuliya Babiychuk
System Administrator
Sergey Marieha
Test Automation Engineer
Roman Tyshchenko
Software Test Engineer
Oleksandr Kovpashko
Front-End Developer
Kateryna Zlenko
Yaroslav Kopylov
Customer Support Specialist
Julia Petryk
PR Manager
Alexey Pawlowski
OS X Developer
Raymond East
Product Marketing Specialist
Oleksandr Gogu
System Administrator
Olga Ostapovich
HR Manager
Olga Vtorenko
Office Manager
Simon Grozyan
UI Designer
Dmitriy Tereschuk
PHP Developer
Liliya Tyndyk
Affiliate Manager
Egor Belenkov
VP of Business Development
Tetiana Gulvan
English Teacher
Nikita Savchenko
Product Manager
Pavlo Akimenko
QA Automation Engineer
Oleksandr Ageev
Graphic Designer
Anton Mironov
Software Developer
Pavel Huk
Web Designer
Oleksandra Cherniavska
Oleg Prokopenko
Junior Tester
Alex Chirva
Product Manager
Olena Ivaschenko
Adwords Specialist
Ievgeniia Palash
Creative Copywriter
Marina Lisnyakovskaya
Office Manager
Sergey Krivoblotsky
Software Developer
Artem Tykhonov
QA Automation Engineer
Maria Polishchuk
Account Manager
Yaroslav Stepanenko
Product Marketing Manager
Oleg Petrov
Front-end Developer
Alice Kotlyarenko
Creative Copywriter
Natalie Bokhonko
Product Designer
Maria Griboyedova
HR Manager
Sergey Yaremenko
Web Analyst
Artem Zosimchuk
Back-end Developer
Anton Fedulov
Front-end developer
Oleg Stukalenko
Product Manager
Alex Puzko
.NET Developer
Local Lion
Goody Four Paws
Future MacPaw Employee
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If you have problems regarding our software, please Contact Support. Or call us directly +1 (8775) MACPAW.
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Our Core Values
MacPaw guidelines represent nine core values which reflect MacPaw’s attitude towards business, app development, and life.
Customer satisfaction
We're constantly focusing on our customers. MacPaw is a customer-centric company, developing and designing Mac products with users in mind.
Nothing at MacPaw is someone else’s problem. We believe that people are the most valuable asset of MacPaw. The synergy of contribution and efforts of everyone on the team result in the company's success.
Quality is a basic principle of our approach to work at all stages. Quality in everything we do!
Honesty — we play fair
Customers and employees are equally important to us, and are treated with the same level respect.
We pay attention to details. Details matter.
We love what we do and we have fun while doing it. We are passionate about everything we do.
We think out of the box. Creativity defines the company. Creativity, not for the sake of creativity, but creativity as aspiration, inspiration, and innovation.
We believe in simple, not complex. The simpler, the better.
Constant improvement
Always keep moving. “Without continual growth and progress, such words as improvement, achievement, and success have no meaning.” - Benjamin Franklin