Clean Mail attachments with CleanMyMac X

CleanMyMac X’s Mail Attachments module cleans up local copies of email attachments and downloads. Think of all the images that come in emails; that’s like gigabytes stored on your Mac.

How does Mail Attachments help me?

CleanMyMac X’s Mail Attachments sorts all the little extras downloaded via Mail by file type — and then helps you clean them out. It removes gigabytes of junk that Mail has stored locally. And, in the event that you need to restore a file, you can always just open the email it came in and re-download the file.

Stored Attachments

These are files that are stored in the email itself, like zip files, PDFs, signatures, company logos, and anything else someone sends you. For example, if you’ve received emails from Facebook, you’ve probably got multiple copies of the Facebook logo saved to your hard disk.

Mail Downloads

All the files you open directly from Mail are stored in the Mail Downloads folder. CleanMyMac X cleans these locally stored copies out. But again, don’t worry — they can still be accessed in the email from whence they came.

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Industry experts talk about CleanMyMac X

I run CleanMyMac X weekly on my Mac mini M2 Pro to ensure things run smoothly, keep any bloatware in check, and reclaim purgeable disk space. Yes, I could do some of those tasks manually using the Terminal app; it’s much quicker with software and saves me time. CleanMyMac X is also useful for uninstalling and updating software.
Mark Sparrow
If you’ve found yourself struggling with a nearly full Mac, check out CleanMyMac X. The app has been an excellent way to recover space with minimal effort for many years
John Voorhees
From insane speed improvements to malware removal, a new menu design, and more, this release is packed with new features that you are going to want to check out
Jared Dipane
Are you maintaining a healthy Mac? It doesn’t have to be hard. CleanMyMac X offers all the tools you need to ensure your machine is always speedy and safe.
Killian Bell
CleanMyMac X helps you remove unneeded files and get an overview of what is slowing down your computer.
Romain Dillet
CleanMyMac X

CleanMyMac X

Make your Mac as good as new

Get CleanMyMac X to do helpful things on your Mac. It deals with storage, speed, and malware issues. It even turns junk into free space. Run it once, never part with it.

System Requirements:

macOS 10.13 and higher, 210 MB


Starting at $34.95

Latest Version:

4.15.3, 10 April 2024

*4.9 - rating for all versions, based on 539 user reviews.