Maintain your Mac with CleanMyMac X

CleanMyMac X’s Maintenance module gives you direct access to all the Mac maintenance scripts. It keeps your Mac optimized and helps bring it up to speed at a moment’s notice.
How does the Maintenance module help me?
When we say optimize your Mac, we don’t just mean cleaning up space — we mean optimize. You know, improving its efficiency of retrieval or processing (thanks dictionary). The Maintenance module gives you access to all sorts of Mac optimizing goodies.

Run Maintenance Scripts

When you run maintenance scripts with CleanMyMac X, you help improve the performance of your Mac by removing and rotating old log files, rebuilding and reorganizing select databases on your Mac, and running other general maintenance tasks. It makes all the complex-sounding stuff simple.

Repair Disk Permissions

Verify and instantly repair broken permissions on your Mac’s operating system to help its performance. By repairing disk permissions, you ensure that your Mac’s system is functioning properly.

Verify Startup Disk

Verifying your startup disk is somewhat similar to Repair Disk Permissions. However, instead of your operating system, it checks your Mac’s file system for errors and repairs them to improve your system’s reading/writing performance and keep your Mac healthy.

Mail Speedup

When Mail gets to be overrun with messages, it can take forever to search for the stuff you need. You can sort all these messages out and fix the lag time by running Mail Speedup to reindex (read: re-organize) the Mail database.

Rebuild Launch Services Database

When you right-click a file in Finder and select “Open With…,” a list of applications is shown. However, if you’re installing and uninstalling applications, this list can become a bit muddled with apps you don’t even have anymore.

Reindex Spotlight

Spotlight keeps track of all the names and locations of files on your Mac, including every word within the body of each of your documents and their metadata. Crazy, right? Reindexing Spotlight helps improve its searching performance and accuracy.

Flush DNS Cache

When your Mac accesses a website for the first time, it basically asks, “Hey, what’s the IP address for [website]?” The DNS (or Domain Name System) maps website names to IP addresses. For example, to

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Industry experts talk about CleanMyMac X

I run CleanMyMac X weekly on my Mac mini M2 Pro to ensure things run smoothly, keep any bloatware in check, and reclaim purgeable disk space. Yes, I could do some of those tasks manually using the Terminal app; it’s much quicker with software and saves me time. CleanMyMac X is also useful for uninstalling and updating software.
Mark Sparrow
If you’ve found yourself struggling with a nearly full Mac, check out CleanMyMac X. The app has been an excellent way to recover space with minimal effort for many years
John Voorhees
From insane speed improvements to malware removal, a new menu design, and more, this release is packed with new features that you are going to want to check out
Jared Dipane
Are you maintaining a healthy Mac? It doesn’t have to be hard. CleanMyMac X offers all the tools you need to ensure your machine is always speedy and safe.
Killian Bell
CleanMyMac X helps you remove unneeded files and get an overview of what is slowing down your computer.
Romain Dillet
CleanMyMac X

CleanMyMac X

Make your Mac as good as new

Get CleanMyMac X to do helpful things on your Mac. It deals with storage, speed, and malware issues. It even turns junk into free space. Run it once, never part with it.

System Requirements:

macOS 10.13 and higher, 210 MB


Starting at $34.95

Latest Version:

4.15.3, 10 April 2024

*4.9 - rating for all versions, based on 539 user reviews.