8 Key reasons to use a VPN in 2022

The number of internet users, as well as the hours spent online, is constantly growing. Privacy and security are the main advantages of a VPN and are regarded to be must-have things for those who really care about their digital safety. Maybe you’re not sure if you need a VPN. Know a number of benefits of using a VPN to see it yourself.

VPN offers a lot of valuable characteristics as a service. It’s vital to realize that the online world is full of all kinds of threats, and it is natural that users need a reliable tool to cope with them. As far as security is one of the main features of a VPN service, its users benefit a lot from online security and anonymity. Secure protected data, encrypted connection, device information hidden are among the major advantages of a VPN. Also, it prevents users from their online actions being tracked by ISP and targeted advertisers. Let’s get deeper inside.

Benefits of using a VPN

Security advantages of VPN:

  • Anonymity online (both browsing and download/torrent) with the user's IP address never made public, so your digital footprint is impossible to track; the IP address of the VPN server is visible instead.
  • No surveillance from interested individuals, companies, search engines.
  • Your digital identity and personal data are protected from cyber attacks
  • Increased safety in sending/receiving encrypted data
  • Increased accessibility to geographically restricted or blocked locations because of censorship and/or state policy. This way VPN also improves the gaming experience (to play games in the restricted areas, to avoid unfair IP bans and DDoS attacks)
  • Bypass firewalls at local or state levels
  • Secure connection to public Wi-Fi hotspots especially while traveling, there is no need to worry about such assets as online banking and cryptocurrency
  • High data encryption standards to ensure data integrity, so that nothing could be damaged, changed, recorded by hackers.

It is evident, staying incognito online isn’t enough. Such things as digital identity, browsing history, user’s real IP address, the safety of confidential data are really important. It’s quite typical for us to forget about safety when we use Wi-Fi networks or public hotspots in hotels, restaurants, airports, shopping malls, parks. Public networks are really frequent threats of which we sometimes forget. You must always keep in mind that open networks aren’t secured, so you need a reliable VPN service to be confident in your security.

Remember! The benefits of using a VPN are numerous as far as your real location is masked, the encrypted data is safe as it is sent through an encrypted tunnel; the privacy layer is specially created to protect your digital identity and data.

In addition to solving a number of obvious security-related issues (user’s digital identity protection, anonymity online, unrestricted browsing, safe communication, data encryption) there are plenty of other reasons.

Some financial advantages of a VPN service:

Bypass price discrimination

    You can get a better offer to buy goods from retail and flight companies, cheaper software subscription plans (if you change your IP address to a less developed country).

    Saving money on calls

      You can use Voice-over-IP at a low cost to make cheap phone calls online (be changing your IP address)

      Wi-Fi connections anytime

        No restrictions on free internet usage during travel

        No annoying ads

          Ad-blocking protects you from annoying ads, malware, and trackers so that you won’t spend money on unnecessary things.

          Multi-device protection

            Multiple simultaneous connections let you protect all your devices (up to 6 pieces) at the same time. There is no need to pay twice.

            Access to your favorite content

              You get free access to restricted content to watch and relax (Netflix, BBC iPlayer, Disney+).

              So, bypassing geographical restrictions on streaming platforms is one of the main VPN advantages and reasons why people do use VPNs besides the security issue. VPN is helpful to unblock many restricted resources and access some streaming platforms which are available only in specific regions.

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              • Access to any streaming service.
              • Up to 6 devices per account.
              • Full online privacy and no-log policy.

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