Where can I get a CleanMyMac Keygen/Crack?

Listen, we love CleanMyMac, and we know you love it too and want to use it. But, c’mon? A keygen?

Now, if you bought CleanMyMac X from our official website or App Store, go ahead and close this page. But if you’ve found those videos online that show you how to crack CleanMyMac X in two minutes and are about to try it, please stop! Trust us, it’s not a good idea, and here’s why…

First of all, keygens are low-brow stuff. We believe our users are better than that. We get that you don’t want to spend money on another software, but just think about it: our team put years of hard work and sweat into this stuff. How would you feel if you spent night after night working relentlessly on an app, and people just snagged it in a matter of seconds?! But that’s not even the only reason not to do it.

Please, hear us out. We’ve gathered seven bold truths about why cracking CleanMyMac is a bad move.

7 Truths “Why You Shouldn’t Use a CleanMyMac X Keygen or Crack for CleanMyMac”

  1. There are real people behind CleanMyMac X. Apps don’t just create themselves. Like any craft, developing a great app takes hundreds or even thousands of hours, sleepless nights, hard work, and people obsessed with making the life of users more enjoyable. Just think about it, CleanMyMac puts bread on the table for these people and their families. Don’t you think they deserve to be rewarded for their work?
  2. How would you feel if one day your Mac is hacked? In all seriousness, when people crack CleanMyMac, terrible issues can occur because of alterations to the software. It makes the software faulty, so it starts acting like a hacker deleting things that are… well, important to your system. Do you really want to risk deleting essential system files?
  3. It’s fake software, not the real thing! So it will damage your Mac! This one is somewhat serious. Any version that you get cracked is not the complete version. It’s only a matter of time before it hits your Mac hard, and you’ll spend more money fixing your device than the money you “saved” getting a distorted version of CleanMyMac X for free. Trust us. We’ve cracked our own software. We know.
  4. Aliens live in CleanMyMac X keygens! Alright, not aliens but definitely viruses that live in various forms of CleanMyMac X cracks. Don’t want the end-of-the-world scenario where aliens take over your Mac? Don’t do it!
  5. We know about each and every CleanMyMac that’s used a keygen or has been cracked. If anyone thinks we’re clueless or don’t care about our software being compromised, that’s not the case. We have a database. And you see, databases are like gods. They tell us things so that we can protect our software accordingly.
  6. You aren’t just paying for the software, you’re paying for regular assistance for your app! We’re helping our users around the clock, late at night when you’re all alone, struggling to clean your Mac. Our support is your bright light at the end of the tunnel. Or something similar to that. You get what we’re saying: we’re always by your side to help you get the best out of CleanMyMac X.
  7. We see you as a friend and a priceless part of our CleanMyMac family. One of the core values of our community is to stay human. And that applies to our team as well as our users. Let’s be good humans!

We wrote this list on zero cups of coffee, but these still seem like solid reasons to us. Thanks for hearing us out! And to show our appreciation, we’ve got a gift for you: we’re giving you a discount! All we ask is to tweet (and tag us):

I won’t use a CleanMyMac keygen. [insert personal message here]

And the discount is all yours! Please, remember to add a personal message. Won't it be fun to showcase later the most memorable tweets? Or make us laugh, and we might just send you an even bigger discount :)

It’s showtime at the Apollo, guys. Let’s roll!

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