Where can I get a CleanMyMac Keygen/Crack?

Listen, we love CleanMyMac, and we know you want to use it. But, c’mon? A keygen? Guys, it’s not that easy!

Ok, so maybe that is a video that shows you how to crack CleanMyMac X in like two minutes. But hold on a sec! Why would we even post that on our website? It’s our software! We make you pay! It makes no sense!

How to Crack CleanMyMac/How to get cleanmymac activation number

Listen, keygen’s are low-brow stuff. You’re better than that. We get that you don’t want to spend money on our software, but think about it: We put months of work into this stuff. And here you are, stealing our work from us in 2 minutes? It’s just unfair. That’s our gas money! Our groceries! Our beer money!

Please, don’t crack CleanMyMac. I mean, how would you feel if you spent night after night working relentlessly on an app without a real job… and then people just snagged it in a matter of seconds?!

Ok, hear us out. We’ve gathered 7 solid reasons as to why you shouldn’t crack CleanMyMac.

The Epic “Why You Shouldn’t Use a CleanMyMac X Keygen or Crack for CleanMyMac” List:

  1. There are 300+ people who work at MacPaw. We have families — Wow, sorry to hit you so hard with #1, but seriously. We work here. It's our income we're talking about. 
  2. Your Mac can be attacked by hackers. It can happen (…maybe). In all seriousness, when people crack CleanMyMac, serious issues can occur because of alterations to the software. It can make the software faulty and then can freeze or delete things that are… well, important to your system. Do you really want to risk deleting sys32?
    Note: We know — Macs don’t have sys32.
  3. Your Mac will explode because it’s fake software, it’s not the real thing! This one is somewhat serious. Not the exploding part, but the fake part. Any version that you get cracked or keygen’ed, it’s not the complete version. Trust us. We’ve cracked our own software. We know.
  4. Aliens live in CleanMyMac X keygens! They live in various forms of other CleanMyMac X cracks as well. Wait a minute… That’s kind of awesome.
  5. We know about each and every CleanMyMac that’s used a keygen or has been cracked. We have databases. Our databases tell us things. Databases are like Gods. Gods of the aliens in the cracked CleanMyMac universe.
  6. You aren’t just paying for the software, you’re paying for regular assistance with the app! We’ll help you late at night, when you’re all alone and cleaning your Mac. We’re that bright light at the end of the tunnel. Or something like that. You get what we’re saying. We’re assisting you — You're paying our assistance.
  7. We’ll be your friend, forever. Come get coffee with us in Kyiv!
    Note: We're serious if you're serious — but we need 24-hours notice.

It’s early, this list was written on zero cups of coffee. But, they seem like pretty solid reasons to us. Anyway, for getting this far, we have a present for you.

As an added bonus, we’ll give you a discount if you would do us a small favor. You know, Godfather-style. You help us, we help you. Maybe that’s a bit more Jerry Maguire. Anyway, tweet us:

I won’t use a CleanMyMac keygen. [insert personal message here]

… and we’ll send you a discount. But, we want the personal message. It’ll be fun to have a brief chit-chat over some coffee and Twitter (we loooove to Tweet people). Plus, you’ll get to see what everyone else is writing us, too. It's one big ol' "not-cracking-CleanMyMac Club," and we've got jackets and Thursday night bowling.

We want to laugh. Make us laugh and we might just send you an even bigger discount.

It’s showtime at the Apollo, guys. Let’s go!

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