CleanMyMac by TNT keeps crashing? Here's how to stop it

If you’ve tried to launch CleanMyMac X recently and it’s crashed, or it gets stuck in a loop when you run a Smart Scan, you likely have a version distributed by TNT. Here’s everything you need to know to fix crashing CleanMyMac by TNT.

What is CleanMyMac by TNT?

CleanMyMac X is an application made by MacPaw that updates, resets, and uninstalls apps, scans your Mac for malware, and clear out junk files from your system to improve performance.

CleanMyMac X - System Junk

It’s very popular and has had excellent reviews from sites like Macworld and Cult of Mac. Unfortunately, that popularity makes it a target for people and organizations who crack software and distribute it illegally. And that’s what TNT does. It strips MacPaw’s code signature from the app, replaces it with its own, cracks it so it will run without a license, and then distributes it on free blog pages and torrents. 

Why has CleanMyMac by TNT stopped working?

TNT’s code signature was trusted by Apple, so when macOS’ Gatekeeper saw software carrying the signature trying to install, it allowed it to continue. However, Apple has revoked TNT’s position as a recognized developer, so the operating system no longer gives its signature a free pass. That means that it’s much more difficult to install, and multiple users have reported that it has also led to it stop working.

Why has Apple done this?

Apple’s recognized developer program is designed to make your Mac more secure by only allowing applications from developers it trusts to install on your Mac without further intervention from you. It makes sense that if it discovers one of those trusted developers is cracking software that belongs to other developers and over which they have intellectual property rights, it would no longer trust that developer. Distributing cracked software is illegal in many countries, and it’s both unethical and immoral. Developers invest huge amounts of resources in making software. If they are unable to generate revenue from it because it has been cracked and distributed for free, their ability to continue employing staff and invest in their software will be seriously compromised. 

Will it work on newer macOS versions?

No. Gatekeeper is getting more strict with every macOS update. In addition to being signed, some software will also have to be notarized, which means the developer will have to submit it to Apple for testing before it’s allowed to be installed on your Mac unhindered. 

How can I stop CleanMyMac by TNT crashing?

CleanMyMac X - Smart Scan complete

The only way you can stop CleanMyMac by TNT crashing is to remove it and replace it with the legitimate version of CleanMyMac X. After all if it’s good enough to risk your Mac’s security and integrity by installing a cracked version, it’s good enough that you’re willing to download and purchase the real version, isn’t it? As a reminder, here are some of the things CleanMyMac X does for you and your Mac:

  • Uninstalls apps and removes every trace of them from your Mac
  • Frees up gigabytes, or even tens of gigabytes, of space by removing junk files you don’t need
  • It makes your Mac run more quickly and more smoothly by allowing you to disable or remove launch agents and login items
  • Keeps your Mac safe by scanning it for malware and allowing you to remove anything it finds with a click (if you’ve been installing cracked software, you really should scan your Mac for malware urgently)
  • It makes it easy to update multiple apps with a couple of clicks
  • Shows you in an easy-to-read chart exactly what is using up all your disk space

How to prevent further crashes

No software is immune to crashes including Apple's own native apps that have been polished for years. MacPaw, who develop CleanMyMac X, have a good reputation for fixing the potential bugs quickly. So all you have to do is to update your app to the latest version.

  1. In CleanMyMac X, click CleanMyMac X in the top menu.
  2. Choose Check for Updates...

Still, need some convincing? How about a discount on the price of CleanMyMac X? Ok. Let’s do it! Use discount code TNT15 when you buy a license to save money on the full price. By buying a full license, you will not only be ensuring you can continue to use CleanMyMac X on newer macOS versions, like Monterey, but you will also be doing the right thing and helping to contribute towards the cost of the continued development of the app. You’ll also get a lovely warm, fuzzy feeling inside.

To conclude, CleanMyMac by TNT is a cracked version of CleanMyMac that is distributed by an organization that has had its recognized developer status revoked by Apple. Its future is a cat and mouse game with Apple as TNT tries to circumvent the protections Apple puts in place to secure macOS. Likely, it won’t work at all on the latest macOS version. If you have it installed on your Mac, and you want to continue using it, you should replace it with the legitimate version of CleanMyMac X, which you can buy at a discount using the code TNT15.

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