How much free space do you need for OS X Yosemite?

OS X Yosemite is almost here, and if you hadn’t heard, the requirements will be the same as they were for Apple’s OS X Mavericks. We’ll cover all the system requirements in this article, but let’s first start with disk space. Now, in terms of space, you’ll need at least 8 GB of free disk space. To check how much disk space you have, check out the section below.

How to check disk space for OS X Yosemite

How to check free disk space on your Mac

  1. Click the Apple icon at the top left of your screen.
  2. Select “About This Mac.”
  3. Underneath “Memory,” click on “More info…”
  4. In the new window, select “Storage.”
  5. Above the multi-colored bar, you will find the phrase, “XX.XX GB free out of XX.XX GB.”

Again, if you have more than 8 GB of free space on your Mac, you can upgrade to OS X Yosemite. If you’re running a little low, check out CleanMyMac - it’ll help you clean up gigabytes of disk space.

Clean your Mac with CleanMyMac before OS X Yosemite

Get more space on your Mac with CleanMyMac

CleanMyMac cleans out gigabytes of free space back on your Mac, quickly and safely. It cleans out:

  • User caches & logs
  • System caches & logs
  • Language packs
  • Universal binaries
  • Broken login items
  • Old iOS updates
  • iOS photo caches
  • Development junk
  • Application junk
  • Broken preferences
  • Modified image copies
  • Large & old files
  • Externally trashed data
  • And so much more!

Plus, it cleans it up all this junk in just one click. It’s the fastest, safest way to clean up your entire Mac. Download CleanMyMac now and run a scan to see how much junk you can clean up.

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