How to watch Amazon Prime outside the US

Amazon Prime Video is an excellent streaming service with many renowned movies and shows, as well as plenty of original titles. Unlike Hulu and HBO Max, it works in most countries of the world. Similarly to Netflix, Amazon Prime's content isn't the same in all countries and depends on the region you're accessing it from. Luckily, it's possible to expand your Prime Video library with new movies and shows by accessing the American Amazon Prime Video. We'll look at the best ways to do this in this article and explore how to watch Amazon Prime outside US if it doesn't work in your country for some reason.

What's The Best Amazon Prime Library?

As you might have guessed, it's Amazon Prime Video USA. Most videos on Amazon are only available there due to agreements between movie studios and other streaming services. For example, you can't watch Midsommar (Rotten Tomatoes Score of 83%), Rocketman (83%), and The Lighthouse (90%) on Amazon Prime if you live outside the USA.

How does Amazon know where you live? Well, they check your IP address, which is like your home address on the Internet. It points to your apparent location, and that's how the streaming service decides on what content is available for you. For example, if your IP is from the UK, you'll get the UK Prime library. If your IP is from the US, your Prime Video will be American, and you'll be able to watch all the exclusive movies and shows. Fortunately, you don't need to pack your things and move to LA to get an American IP address. Let's see how to watch Amazon Prime outside US with American content:

How to Watch Amazon Prime Movies Outside US

To watch US-only Amazon Prime movies, change your IP with the help of a VPN. It’s a technology that allows you to connect to a server in a different country and in our case, we need the USA. With a VPN connected to a server in the States, your IP changes to the server's one, and to Amazon Prime, it'll look all-American. Also, a VPN secures all your private data with encryption and protects it from being stolen and tracked. Just beware of the free VPNs, their speeds are relatively slow, and they don't usually work well with streaming services.

Here's how to watch Amazon Prime outside US with American content:

1. Install ClearVPN on your device (we'll take macOS as an example).

2. Open the app.

3. Tap on the Unlock Streaming & Entertainment shortcut.

4. Click Activate and then click on Open Amazon Prime Video.

5. Done! Watch excellent movies and shows from anywhere now😉

It's important to notice that some US-only movies on Prime may not show up in search results if you're looking for them on the Prime video page. If it happens to you, search for them here👌

How to Watch Amazon Prime Video Securely?

Even if you reside in the USA, you still better use a VPN while watching Amazon Prime. Especially on insecure Internet networks like the free Wi-Fis in hotels and cafés. Many of them lack protection from cyberattacks and even your domestic Wi-Fi is hackable. Streaming Prime Video content on one of such networks without protection puts your entire Amazon account at risk, as well your money and personal data.

As Prime is an Amazon servcie, you have to sign in with the same account you use to shop online to stream content there. Your Amazon account holds your purchase history, credit card credentials, delivery addresses, even the books you're reading (if you're a Kindle user), and many other things you'd rather keep private. Watching Prime without a VPN endangers this data, and that's why it's best always to use a VPN while streaming movies and shows. It'll protect your web traffic with encryption, and you'll be able to stream the best titles on Prime from any network securely.

Here's how to watch Amazon Prime securely on your iPhone:

1. Install ClearVPN.

2. Open the app.

3. Activate the Stream content securely shortcut.

4. Good! Your streaming activity is now safe with encryption😎

Let's Sum It Up With A Quick FAQ

How to watch Amazon Prime outside US?

Amazon Prime Video works in most countries of the world. However, if the service doesn't support your country or works poorly there, a VPN can help. With ClearVPN's Unlock streaming & entertainment shortcut, you can access all US streaming services (including Amazon Prime Video) to watch new movies and shows.

How to watch Amazon Prime movies outside US?

Like Netflix, Prime libraries aren't the same in all countries due to some content agreements. The service decides on what films you can watch based on your IP address. With ClearVPN, you can connect to a server in the USA and change your IP to the States. It will unlock all the US-only titles for you to watch from anywhere.

How to stream Prime Video securely?

Watching Amazon Prime via insecure networks puts your Amazon account and the valuable information it holds in danger. If someone hacks the network, they’ll be able to intercept your traffic and access your credit card credentials, delivery addresses, purchase history, and many other things. To keep your data safe, use a VPN that will encrypt all your online interactions. We recommend ClearVPN; with it, you can protect your private data and watch any content securely.