CleanMy® PC is no longer actively developed

Dear CleanMy® PC users, we have an important notice for you today. With a heavy heart, we want to announce that we’re stopping to actively develop the application. It’s not an easy decision for us, but we’re totally confident in it and ready to move forward with your next challenges.

Why do we stop the active development?

At MacPaw, we have taken a strategic decision to put the focus on maintaining systems and creating cleaning products within the Apple ecosystem. Since honesty and care for users have always been among our core values, we decided to announce the end of active development of CleanMy® PC, our cleanup and maintenance tool for the Windows platform.

This decision will allow us to devote more time and effort to our flagship software, CleanMyMac, and bring more value to our users. Staying focused, we’ll be able to design higher-performing, polished tools that meet our customers’ needs.

What does it mean for you?

Firstly and most importantly, you can continue using CleanMy® PC. The application remains safe and stable on all computers that meet system requirements. And Windows 11 is the last operating system to be supported.

Secondly, you’ll receive prompt updates with critical fixes to ensure smooth performance, but neither new features nor major app updates will be added.

And thirdly, CleanMy® PC will no longer offer subscription-based plans. So, if you have an active subscription, you’ll automatically receive a license with no expiration date. We want to make the whole process clear, smooth, and stress-free for you, so you don’t need to take any steps — all changes will be done under the hood, without additional charges.

To find more information about licenses, technical specifications, and other important details about the future of the product, please visit our Support Center.

If you still have any questions, contact us directly at [email protected] — we are here to help.

Thanks for being with us!

Your MacPaw Team ❤️