CleanMy® PC is no longer actively developed

Since December 1, 2021, MacPaw ceases the active development of CleanMy® PC. In this article, we'll explain why and what does it mean for users.

Why do we stop the active development?

We at MacPaw have taken a strategic decision that our system maintenance and cleaning utilities should be focused on the Apple ecosystem.

Since honesty and care for users have always been among our core values, we decided to announce that we will no longer actively develop CleanMy® PC. This will allow us to concentrate on our flagship product, CleanMyMac, and bring more valuable features to our users.

What does it mean for users?

1. You can still use CleanMy® PC. It remains safe, stable, fully functional, and supported on all PCs that meet the system requirements:

  • Windows 7, 8, 10, or 11
  • 50.2 MB of disk space to install CleanMy® PC
  • 2 GB of RAM

2. Windows 11 is the last operating system to be supported. CleanMy® PC might work on the future Windows versions, but we can't guarantee the stability and security of the app and your data.

3. Only critical bugs in CleanMy® PC will be fixed in the future. There will be no new features, changes, improvements, or compatibility updates for the latest Windows versions.

4. CleanMy® PC will fully move from subscriptions to licenses. 

  • All active subscribers will automatically receive a full-featured license with no expiration date. The transition is free of charge; you won't need to take any steps or reactivate CleanMy® PC on your computer. Once your new license is active, we'll send an email about that.
  • To check the type and status of your license, you can use the online License Manager or the Help dialog in CleanMy® PC. The Subscription Manager will no longer be available for CleanMy® PC.
  • If you have an active CleanMy® PC license, there will be no changes for you, so you can continue using the application as you're used to.
  • For new users, only one-time purchases (licenses with no expiration date) will be available at the MacPaw Store.

The CleanMy® PC Support Portal is still available and working — along with the Knowledge Base, FAQs, and, most importantly, our Customer Support team.

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