The WWDC showed lots of great tech. But here’s what people really wanted

At CleanMyMac X, we watch every announcement from Apple with a bated breath. We look forward to their annual WWDC (Apple Developer Conference) like little kids wait for Christmas. What new shiny apps will Apple unveil? What’s in their focus? Where will the Mothership head next?

This year, as we won’t be present at WWDC physically, we decided to play Cassandra and make some techy predictions. But then an idea came to us: why don’t let people name their dream products from Apple? It turned out that there is a whole lot left to invent. So we came up with the #iWant challenge. We asked our Instagram followers what devices they’d love Apple to come up with. The results were hilarious — see people’s best imaginary devices below.

Top 11 things Apple has yet to invent

We’re sure a holographic iPhone sits somewhere in Apple’s drawer.

Many experts believed the new Apple-Silicon MacBooks would be announced at this WWDC, but alas. Apart from the shiny Apple chip inside, the device could be sporting Face ID. At least that’s what people want. And as to the printers, it’s 2021 and no-one has yet invented a printer that works smoothly at all times.

Someone just invented the StreamPad

Actually, the one-purpose streaming device is a brilliant idea. Imagine, every detail is exclusively optimized for watching and you don’t risk closing the show with one accidental tap.

More ideas to make Tim Cook jealous.

iRing is romantic and practical at the same time. You may kiss the bridesmaid after you both enter your Apple IDs.

When we asked our followers to join the #iWant challenge we couldn’t imagine how far people’s creativity would go. As to these two, we think they can easily be made a reality.

Finally, some real and outlandish ideas that gave us a few laughs.

  • iPad for kids
  • An iButler
  • Earbuds that translate live to a chosen language as the other person speaks
  • iBed with Siri and inbuilt speakers
  • A dryer that folds the clothes for you.

If you didn’t follow the WWDC this summer, don't blame yourself. After reading this post you already know what the future of technology will hold.