The #iWant challenge: Share your craziest product idea & win cool gifts!

What is the #iWant challenge?

WWDC is an exciting event for every Apple fan. Every year, we look forward to big announcements from Cupertino and wonder what products Apple’s going to reveal. Introducing the #iWant giveaway contest* dedicated to this year’s WWDC, we challenge you to share your craziest product ideas! Take a chance to win HomePod, AirPods Pro, and other cool gifts**.

How to win?

What’s your dream product from Cupertino? iDoorbell? iVacuum? Share what one device you want Apple to create. This is the #iWant challenge!

Here’s how to win:

  1. Screenshot the next template
  2. Type in your dream product in the field
  3. Share it on social media using the #iWant hashtag and tagging @CleanMyMac
  4. Wait till we announce the winners on June 6

What are the gifts?

  • HomePod

  • AirPods Pro

  • 3 x CleanMyMac X licenses

We'll pick the winners randomly and announce them on our social channels, so follow us on Instagram, Twitter, or Facebook and stay tuned. And if you’re on the winners' list, drop us a message, so we could find the best way to deliver your prize.

Are you ready to try your luck? Let’s get started!

*Apple is not a participant in or sponsor of this promotion. 

**If you participate in this giveaway contest, you fully accept these terms & conditions.